9 Essential Pros and Cons of Laser Eye Surgery

9 Essential Pros and Cons of Laser Eye Surgery

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In the past few decades, medical technology has progressed to points never before dreamed. From curing diseases that were thought to be incurable to providing alternative means to otherwise invasive procedures, medicine continues to revolutionize what can be done to improve our lives.

One such improvement that has improved the lives of millions is laser eye surgery. Having now been around for some time, laser eye surgery can provide individuals with sight after only a single procedure. However, with so many people still unwilling to make use of it, a number of cons, and pros have been thrown out there regarding this procedure. Lets review them now.

1. Can Remove Your Need For Glasses or Contact Lenses
For some, there is nothing better then never having to wear glasses or contact lenses again. For those with particularly bad vision who rely on these seeing aids, glasses can be a crux that is worth getting rid of as soon as possible. With laser eye surgery, you will no longer need glasses, contact lenses, or anything else to see. This can remove the future cost of lenses and frames, saving you a great deal in the long term.

2. Can Do Jobs That Would Otherwise Be Impossible Without Perfect Vision
There are a number of professions out there which require perfect vision unaided. One of the most popular examples are pilots in the United States Air Force. With laser eye surgery, these jobs now become possible.

3. The Technology Is Safer and More Advanced Then Ever Before
the underlying technology behind laser eye surgery continues to advance with every passing year as new technologies and procedures are put in place. This goes a long way to reassuring people that they will not lose their vision when undergoing the procedure.

4. Great To have Done When Removing Cataracts
If you are having cataracts or other surgery on your eyes, then you may be able to get laser eye surgery done as well. See your physician to see whether or not you can lump this in with other corrective eye surgery.

The Cons of the Laser Eye Surgery

1. The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery Is Still High
The cost is a big problem for many. Without health insurance that covers the procured, you are looking at the potential for thousands of dollars in medical bills. While some people can easily afford this cost, others will have to continue going with the far less expensive alternative of glasses. There is also the cost of additional check-ups, as well as any additional work if complications result during or after the procedure. Again, without health insurance coverage, this can be a challenge.

2. Downtime Required After The Surgery
After surgery, there will be some downtime where you cannot see. Many people find being temporarily blind as alarming and disconcerting. There is the fear that your vision will not be the same or that something went wrong during the procedure. Between the stress of the procedure itself and the anxiety caused by not knowing until your eyes heal, many people choose not to have laser eye surgery done.

3. Potential For Blindness With The Surgery
Though the risk has decreased dramatically, it is still there. While not being able to see well is bad, not being able to see at all is the worst nightmare of many people. As a result, many people choose not to go along with the procedure, instead opting for glasses and contacts instead. As long as there is any risk at all, people will opt out unless they have a strong desire to see.

4. Discomfort of Having The Procedure Done
Those going through the procedure have reported experiencing discomfort as a result. Unlike other medical operations, you need to be awake and have your eyes open the entire time the operation is taking place. For those that fear anything touching their eyes, laser eye surgery is the worst form of torture available.

5. Glasses Are Still Considered Fashionable
Glasses are more then just seeing aids. They represent a certain fashion accessory that can add to the complexion of a face in a positive way. While glasses do not work for everyone, they can add to outfits, and looks.

Where Does That leave Us?

Laser eye surgery has incredible potential and promise when it comes to restoring people’s sight to what it should have been all along. However, many people who can benefit from the procedure decide not to because of the pain, discomfort, and potential for blindness that comes with the laser eye surgery. Either way, as the underlying technology continues to improve, this procedure will get safer and less costly with time.