9 Critical Pros and Cons of Social Networking

9 Critical Pros and Cons of Social Networking

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Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are used by millions of people for recreational purposes and millions of business to promote their products and services. The use of social networking sites has become so important to business that they risk losing clients and millions of dollars to their competitors if companies ignore using social media sites.

By using social media, companies can communicate directly with their clients, widen their client base and get feedback on their products and services from the customers they serve. That information can be invaluable to a busy, especially for smaller companies whose main competition may be large corporations. Social networking can level the playing field for smaller companies who have a limited promotional budget, especially if they are competing against corporations with millions of dollars for advertising.


1. While using social networking has many benefits for businesses, and can be fun for many people, there are some negatives to using it for both individuals and businesses. For business, if social networking is used incorrectly or sporadically, it can produce negative effects for the company. Stall content is annoying for clients and new visitors to the site because it can make it seem as if a company isn’t concerned with keeping their client base or finding new clients.

2. Developing a client base through social networking takes time, which small business owners may not have if they are responsible for all aspects of their company. While using social sites to find clients can end up being very profitable, it takes time and focus to do so. It takes time to develop a strategy, it takes time to execute the strategy and it takes time to post, tweet or otherwise update their social pages.

3. While using social networking to promote a business is becoming a necessity, not an option, being able to stand out and capture the attention of your client base is becoming more difficult. The goal is to rank high on search engine results pages so potential clients can find your company’s website when they want a product or service offered by your business. However, that goal is becoming more difficult to accomplish because of changes being made by search engines.

4. Sites like Google and Bing are constantly changing what criteria they use to rank web pages and it is a full-time job to keep up with the changes and learn how to apply them to attract more traffic to websites. Small business owners often don’t have time to keep up with the changes and they may not be able to afford someone to develop their social media strategy.

5. For individuals, using social networking is often a time waster and businesses experience lower productivity from those who are on social networking sites while at work. They may be interacting with others on social networking sites or use it as their primary news source. It is easy for people to spend hours of their time on social sites reading stories, watching videos of cute babies or animals and debating issues with complete strangers.

6. Children who use social networking sites can be bullied by people they know, as well as strangers they have never physically met. Kids who are on social sites while studying often test lower and their grade point average may be up to 20% lower than those students are do not use social networking sites.


1. Whether it is the birth of a baby or promotions for a business, information spreads faster on social networking sites than it does on other media. When the Boston Marathon bombing happened, the news spread around the world in a matter of a few short moments. The Red Cross and other agencies advise people to use social media to tell family and friends that they are fine if they have been involved in a natural disaster or other types of emergencies.

2. People can meet new friends through using social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or other sites. Those who want to meet others can search for people who share their interests, live near them or they can find and reconnect with family members or old friends through social media sites. Social sites can also help people with medical issues recover quicker and they can find support groups online that can encourage weight loss efforts, learn new exercises and be supportive of meeting goals.

3. Social networking helps businesses to promote their products and services. In addition, opening accounts on social media sites doesn’t cost the business anything. This allows small businesses to compete with businesses that have millions of dollars for advertising and promoting the company and do so without spending anything to do so.

Social networking is necessary for businesses to find new customers and to compete with their competitors. Social networking offers many benefits and shouldn’t be ignored.