8 Vital Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Bands

8 Vital Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Bands

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When you are looking for the perfect wedding band there are a lot of different options to choose from, but none are superior to titanium wedding bands. Titanium wedding bands are very quickly becoming the most popular choice due to their unique style and high quality metal. It is a wedding band that can truly last as a long as the wedding vows that you utter. It is time to learn more about titanium wedding bands and the good and bad that they offer. Choosing a wedding band can be a grueling process and you need to be fully informed about all your options.

What is Titanium?

Before you begin choosing between different titanium wedding bands it is important that you understand what titanium is exactly. Titanium is actually a chemical element that is identified as a transition metal. It is so common that it is actually the 7th most abundant metal found on earth. Some even believe that titanium might actually be present on the sun. This metal is extremely light in color and actually looks white or gray under most lighting. The actual color or finish of the titanium metal can be altered through a variety of methods including polishing and brushing.

List of Pros of Titanium Wedding Bands

1. Optimal Durability
Due to the cost of your wedding band, chances are that you want a band that will last and stand the test of time. Titanium wedding bands are durable and strong enough to last a lifetime with very minimal wear and tear. Since titanium wedding bands are 100% hypoallergenic, it is also a band that is resistant to tarnishing or corrosion. In fact, titanium wedding bands are so tarnish resistant that they can even be exposed to salt water.

2. Poor Electricity Conductor
Another pro surrounding titanium wedding bands is that they are also a very poor conductor of electricity and heat. This means that even if your hand or wedding band is exposed to high amounts of heat for some reason, the titanium band will not become hot. It is also very strong and will not bend due to extreme temperatures.

3. Wide Price Range to Choose From
It is also important to realize that even though titanium wedding bands are lightweight, strong and durable they still come in a wide variety of pricing options. This means that depending on the grade of titanium wedding band that you choose, it is possible to purchase your wedding band on many different budgets. This means that you can buy a cheap titanium wedding band or opt instead for an expensive titanium wedding band. With so many different pricing options to choose from it is almost impossible to not find a price you can afford.

4. Low-Environmental-Impact Metal
If you are conscious of the environment and part of the growing green movement, this might be the perfect wedding band option for you. Titanium wedding bands are crafted only using low-environmental-impact metal, which is much better for the environment.

5. Lightweight
Most people do not want a heavy ring that weighs down their finger. The best part about titanium wedding bands is that they are low in density and extremely lightweight. However, even though they are lightweight that doesn’t mean they lose any durability. This type of wedding band is still incredibly strong.

List of Cons of Titanium Wedding Bands

1. Resizing is Not Easy
Due to the fact that titanium wedding bands are so strong and durable, they can be a real pain to resize. Resizing this type of wedding band can be a lot more expensive than other metals. The strength that makes titanium wedding bands last a lifetime is also what makes them so difficult to have resized. If you think that your wedding band might need to be resized at some point, titanium wedding bands might not be the best option.

2. Few Intricate Design Details
The strength and durability of titanium can also be a hindrance when it comes to intricate details and designs. Since titanium is so strong and difficult to alter, it is very difficult to put intricate details or designs into titanium wedding bands. This means that titanium wedding bands often look a lot plainer than other types. There are not a lot of design styles to choose from when selecting a titanium wedding band. The styles that you have to choose from are extremely limited, which is not ideal for everyone.

3. Low Shine
Another con involving titanium wedding bands is the dull luster that they normally have. This type of metal is a lot less shiny than others. This means that a titanium wedding band will not shine the same way that gold or platinum bands do. If you think that shine is important in your wedding band, you might not want to go with a titanium wedding band selection.

Cool Facts About Titanium

Titanium might be found in abundance, but it is also a lot different than other types of metals. It is important to remember that it actually has the highest strength to weight ration of all metals of its type. This means that no other transition metal offers the amount of durability that titanium gives. Even if you have low density titanium, it is still a lot stronger than other metals. This means that titanium of any grade is incredibly strong and resilient. Titanium is low in density, which means that it is lightweight, but it also maintains its strength. For example, a tungsten wedding band is extremely dense at about 20, but a titanium wedding band only has a density of 4. This means that titanium wedding bands feel very light on your finger, but strength is not compromised as a result.

Different Types of Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium comes in a variety of different types and not all wedding bands are made using the same type. It is possible to alter the properties of titanium by mixing it with other metals. This creates alloys and alters the finish of the titanium, but does not necessarily impact the durability. It is important to note that titanium metals are actually classifies using grades. This means that they are identified from grade 1 to grade 4. Grade 1 is the classification for the softest titanium, while grade 4 is reserved for the hardest titanium.

What Titanium Wedding Band is Best?

The type of titanium that is best for a wedding band varies, but commercially pure grade titanium from 1 to 4 is preferred. Commercially pure titanium is about 99% pure and allows for a strong wedding band that is also scratch resistant. Grades 2 through 4 are the best, but grade 1 commercially pure titanium will also work for your wedding band.

Before you decide which type of titanium wedding band is best for you, it is important to be informed about the pros and cons. There are a lot of benefits that titanium wedding bands offer, but there are a few downsides. It is important to weigh the pros against the cons to determine if a titanium wedding band suits your needs best.