8 Major Pros and Cons of German Shepherd

8 Major Pros and Cons of German Shepherd

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Though those who have owned pets before may not think it, but choosing a pet for a home is a big decision, because in most aspect, caring for a pet is like caring for a baby. This is even more apparent in dogs than it is any other pet type. This is why it is usually recommended for those looking to start families to fist indulge in pets, as the routines you have with caring for puppies are very similar, if not congruent, for caring for newly born infants. With dogs you will need to potty train them, feed and water them, provide adequate shelter, and other basic cares that is standard for pets. One of the most frequented dog breeds chosen from is the German Shepherd dog, as it is not only a common household pet, but it is also a dog commonly seen in the police force that usually works with narcotic units. If you are thinking of getting a German Shepherd dog, you should probably weigh both the pros and cons of this breed, as it can be a perfect dog for some, while a complete mismatch for others.

What Are The Pros Of German Shepherds?

1. German Shepherds are among one of the most common pet breeds for dogs, and for many reasons, this dog breed is an excellent choice for homes. For one, the German Shepherd is usually an enormous dog, with the adult males being around 2 feet (24-26 inches standard), and the adult females being around 20-22 inches.

2. With this size, not only is this dog full of energy, meaning it is a great partner for restless children, but it also means this dog makes for an excellent watch and guard dog. This will help tremendously in securing your home when you are sleeping, away, or too occupied to worry of the home’s security.

3. German Shepherds are also very great listeners, a fact that is resounded with the fact that many police forces choose this dog breed as the standard for narcotic operations. German Shepherds are very intelligent and attentive, and they also very loyal, which would make sense for many police forces to choose them as a loyal partner.

4. German Shepherds are also usually very beautiful with their luscious coats, and they are known to be well mannered and overall good natured, happy dogs. For homeowners looking for a loyal, well mannered pet, a German Shepherd is usually a good candidate.

What Are The Cons Of Choosing A German Shepherd?

1. Though many households love them, the breed of German Shepherd isn’t beloved by all. Since German Shepherds are bred to be continuously ordered and commanded, leaving this breed alone past a couple hours could be disastrous to your home.

2. As with any dog breed, dogs do not do well alone, especially in enclosed areas like homes. If you are continuously leaving the home vacant, with the only occupant being the German Shepherd, you could constantly be finding your items and things you love chewed up or ultimately destroyed by the dog in an attempt of “acting out” by the canine. Since German Shepherds are robust, full of energy, they should not be thought of as mild or mellow at all.

3. You should make it a routine to exercise this breed for at least an hour daily, as they are familiar with exercising at various points during the day. German Shepherds in their infancy may chew or destroy things in an effort to get familiar with their teeth, and if not corrected, this could turn into a problem down the road. German Shepherds, while through training can be controlled, may be too large of a dog for house guests or those who the dog is not familiar with. This can make for frequent jumping on, rough housing, or intent of constant playing with the houseguest if the Shepherd is not corrected. This can make for rather uncomfortable guests, especially if the dog is not controlled during their stay.

4. Though one would think German Shepherds are a rather healthy dog breed, unfortunately this dog breed has a long line of health issues that can potentially plague the dog. For one, common conditions that are genetic like Hip Dysplasia and Panosteitis are not only painful to the dog, but they can also become fatal if they are not dealt with, and in some cases, these costs to reverse these effects can be very expensive. German Shepherds are also continuously allergic, while not all are, the majority are allergic to some type of material, food, or object. If you are a homeowner that lives alone, or the occupants of the home are rarely home, and you do not have time to play or interact with the dog, German Shepherds are usually not a good dog breed to pick from. While excellent dogs, German Shepherd, like most other dog breeds, needs continuously affection, exercise, and attention in order for the dog’s life to be lived in a positive and fulfilled way.