9 Major Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

8 Major Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

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Gay marriage has been legalized in a few countries. Some nations in the world remain considerably orthodox and have shut their doors to the idea of same sex relationships, let aside allowing them the right to marry. Some countries have legalized gay marriage federally but certain states have not accepted that law and have still curtailed that provision for the residents in those specific states.

There are many legal, moral and biological aspects of gay marriage. From those perspectives, there are several gay marriage pros and cons. But, those pros and cons are not very different from the advantages and disadvantages of marriage in general, which also applies to heterosexual couples. In our list of gay marriage pros and cons, we shall take into consideration all aspects that need to be highlighted.


1. The biggest advantage of gay marriage is that it allows people to do what they wish to do without the state or the society playing the role of a big brother, telling them what to do. Marriage is union of two individuals who willingly decide to spend their lives together. Heterosexual couples get married and there is no reason why homosexual couples should not get that same right. Gay marriage or the law legalizing same sex marriage ends years of injustice on a considerable section of humanity. Gay marriage is, in that sense, a social equalizer. Gays have the same fundamental rights and it is only reasonable for them to have the right to marry.

2. Gay marriage allows same sex couples to have a formal relationship which they can use on all official documents. This allows gay couples to jointly own properties, to have rights to all the assets owned together, for a gay partner to become a citizen of another country if his spouse hails from there and all normal marital laws apply to the couple. A gay spouse can take refuge in the law if he or she is abused physically, financially or is being abandoned without a formal divorce.

3. Gay marriage allows same sex couples to adopt kids. Adoption is an option for married couples only. Earlier, even if two gay partners had been living together for twenty years, they could not adopt a child. Now, they can.

4. Gay marriage also opens the doors for same sex relationships to be under the purview of the law. Exploitation and abuse is as common in gay relationships as it is in heterosexual relationships. Gay marriage brings same sex couples under the purview of law that deals with adultery or infidelity, monogamy and fair splitting of assets if the couple decides to part ways. Breaking up becomes that much harder and divorce is the only way out of the relationship. In that sense, gays would commit to a relationship which is a positive outcome since gays have been long perceived to be rather promiscuous. Since gay couples could not get married, it was easier to remain noncommittal in the relationships as living together was the most that could be attained in that relationship. Today, gays know that they can get married and thus they can demand commitment from the people they date or share a romantic relationship with.

5. Gay marriage allows both gay partners to have equal rights and they get access to the benefits meant for married couples. Earlier, gay couples could not enjoy any of those since they were not even recognized as couples by the state or country.


1. A major disadvantage or shortcoming of gay marriage is that the couple cannot have children of their own. They can still use surrogates or other methods. But they would not have their own biological child. Having kids is an integral part of marriage, in most cultures, societies or countries. The institution of marriage seems to be a tad futile in that sense that the couple would not be able to have kids.

2. Gay marriage allows same sex couples to adopt kids but that doesn’t make the kid have a father and a mother. The child would have either two dads or two moms. If one of the moms has not conceived the child, then they would not be lactating and in case of dads, that is not a possibility. In strict biological sense, a child would not be able to breastfeed and the essence of one mom and one dad is not being met when gay couples adopt a child.

3. Gay marriage is still not universally legalized. There are countries and even states in certain countries which do not recognize same sex couples. When gay couples are traveling to such countries or states after being married, they may not be recognized as couples and thus they may not be entitled to the benefits or the application of the law meant for married couples.