8 Key Pros and Cons of Wood Countertops

8 Key Pros and Cons of Wood Countertops

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Wood counter tops are timeless. They are a constant style choice in both new construction and remodels. Wood offers a natural element to the kitchen that adds a certain warmth to the room. There are a full range of styles and wood types that can be used to create the counter tops.

Some of the most popular wood options are cherry, oak, teak and maple. The wood can be fashioned into parquet, planks, face grain and panels to offer unique looks. It compliments any home style. There are both pros and cons to having a wood counter top.

Pros of Wood Countertops

The most obvious pro that sells most people on this type of counter top is the beauty. For anyone that can appreciate the beauty of wood the draw is clear. Wood simply brightens up an kitchen and gives it an inviting feel.

1. It is Timeless
Wood counter tops get a big thumbs up for being timeless. They can go with any type of style from french country to modern to contemporary. They just work well with any kitchen style and can easily be incorporated to suit any design. It is also a great material to be used with other materials. It meshes well with any style and theme.

2. They Are Recyclable
Whether you choose to repurpose old counter tops or you want to start with new ones, they can all be recycled at some point and reused for other projects. If you can find reclaimed wood it adds a certain charm to any style kitchen and it is good for the planet. You can choose a sustainable wood that grows quickly to have less of an impact on the environment.

3. It Holds Warmth
Wood is warmer to the touch than other materials that are used for counter tops. They can literally warm up your kitchen. They offer not only a warm look but they also offer a warm feel over stone. Unlike stone that makes you recoil your hand from it because it is cold, wood invites you to touch it.

4. A Great Work Surface
Wood counter tops make a great cutting surface and work area. This type of counter top is easier on your knifes and has a certain amount of bounce so if your plates or glasses fall on the counter they can remain unbroken.

Cons of Wood Countertops

The cons are plentiful when it comes to choosing this material because it does require a bit more work than other material options.

1. Sealant
You have to really keep up with the sealant on these types of counter tops. If the sealant should fail your counter top can become a petri dish for bacteria breeding. It can also mold if water gets in the crevices of an unsealed counter top. Follow manufacturers recommendation for sealing practices. Most counter tops are installed presealed but even those that are presealed will have to be done again down the road.

2. Moisture Issues
If you live water sitting in one spot for too long damage will occur. It has to be treated with mineral oil or other product made especially for protecting the counter top from moisture. Moisture can also seep into the seams and cause issues so it is important that the entire counter top is treated regularly to protect the surface.

Moisture can easily stain the wood permanently. It can cause it to warp and swell and can also cause a foul smell and cause the wood to rot.

3. Refinishing
Wear and tear can be brutal on a wood counter top so you do have to refinish it about every 5 years depending on how much use it gets. This can be time consuming and hard work. Hiring someone to do it can be expensive. It is a necessity or the wood will not hold up very well.

4. Damage
You can easily damage a wood counter top by dropping stuff on it. This material is not as resistant as stone is. It can easily be dented or scratched during normal daily use. For some people these dents and dings afford a certain character to the wood for others they prefer not to have character in their counter tops. The softer material is a plus and a minus at the same time. It can provide a nicer place to work but it is also prone to more damage than other surfaces are.


This traditional counter top material may take a little more work to maintain than other counter top material options but it can also bring a beauty to your kitchen than no other material can bring. Deciding if wood counter tops are for you depends on whether you want to put the work into them that is required. They can be durable and long lasting with the right amount of care.