8 Essential Pros and Cons of Keratin Treatment

8 Essential Pros and Cons of Keratin Treatment

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Keratin treatment is one of the more popular hairstyling procedures today. It is arguably the best hair straightening treatment available right now. There are many ways to straighten your hair but keratin treatment has the maximum impact and the results last for a considerable period of time.

For those who are not very well versed with the procedure, keratin is a protein that is responsible for keeping the hair lustrous and straight. This protein is found in the human hair naturally but the content reduces over the years. As one ages, there can be a significant keratin deficiency in the hair. This is also one reason why hair tends to become frizzier and less lustrous as one becomes old. Keratin treatment is an otherwise simple procedure. A hairstylist would wash your hair with keratin shampoo and condition your hair. A keratin solution would be applied to the hair, after being dried, and the solution would be sealed after being set with a flat iron. The procedure takes about a couple hours and the results typically last for three months or so. However, the procedure could take longer depending on how much hair one has. Also, the results could last for varied periods of time depending on the natural form and texture of one’s hair and how one takes care of the straightened hair. A professional hairstylist will explain to you all the dos and don’ts before, during and after keratin treatment.

By many accounts, keratin treatment is a much needed solution for hair that gets all frizzed up, dried and doesn’t have any shine. Keratin can ensure that you have lovely lustrous hair that is straight and doesn’t get tangled up at every chance. However, there are some shortcomings of the process. You should weigh the keratin treatment pros and cons before you decide to undergo the procedure.


1. Keratin treatment is absolutely safe for your hair. There is no dearth of cosmetic procedures for the hair but many of those procedures use products that are unsafe for the hair. Straightening solutions available earlier were also heavily criticized because they were not entirely safe. Besides, most solutions did not have the results that keratin treatment offers to begin with. Although the keratin used is artificial and the solution is sealed to the hair with a hot flat iron, still there is no threat to the hair. Neither would you have damaged hair nor would your hair break. You would get naturally straight hair, the only difference being that there is a facilitator in the form of keratin.

2. Keratin treatment offers multiple benefits, all of which are extremely desirable. The procedure straightens your hair, your hair would remain free of all frizzes and it would also be shiny. The hair also becomes soft and those who don’t have very dense or thick hair will enjoy the silkiness. In a nutshell, keratin treatment can be considered to be a holistic maintenance of your hair. There are very few solutions at your discretion that can attend to all the problems which are common for all, women and men. The keratin treatment is equally suitable for men and women.

3. There are no known side effects of the keratin treatment. Barring a few exceptional cases where the professionals went wrong or some people had some problems; there are no side effects that have been proved yet.

4. Keratin treatment requires you to keep your hair dry for at least three days after the procedure but thereafter there isn’t much maintenance. You don’t have to use a gel or spray to keep your hair straight. Styling is very easy after keratin treatment.


1. Keratin used in the treatment is artificial. It is actually a chemical. That chemical can cause watery eyes and some people may have some irritation. Skin irritation or rashes are not unheard of. Depending on the sensitiveness of one’s skin, keratin treatment may cause allergies and even inflammations in the skin on the scalp. Itching, redness and other kinds of unpleasant sensations cannot be ruled out. Also, pregnant women or lactating mothers should not sign up for keratin treatment.

2. Keratin treatment is not cheap. It is quite costly for most people. The fact that one has to opt for it again and again every three or six months means that one would have to spend a lot of money on hair styling in a year. That money may not be very readily available for all and sundry. The trouble with keratin treatment is that you will have to opt for a professional. It is advised that you don’t do it yourself. Now it is difficult to head to a salon or parlor every time and pay big bucks to a professional for keratin treatment.

3. Keratin treatment involves the use of formaldehyde which is certainly not good for humans. It is a chemical used in building materials.

4. Keratin treatment requires using shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfate. That’s an additional expenditure.