8 Essential Pros and Cons of Ankle Weights

8 Essential Pros and Cons of Ankle Weights

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What percentage of adults in the United States are Obese? Would it shock you to know that 1 out of 3 adults can be considered Obese? Working out, eating right, and living healthy have never been more important. They have also never been more challenging. With responsibilities and engagements constantly trying to get our attention, it is a real challenge for some to watch what they eat and get their required exercise.

Because of these challenges, many people look to make what time they can spend exercising more efficient. Weighted clothing, like ankle weights have recently gained in popularity because they promise to help tone your body and make cardiovascular activity better. With that in mind, lets carefully examine the pros and cons associated with ankle weights. In addition to looking at prices and health considerations, we will also see whether or not these can help individuals struggling with obesity help lose the weight.

The Pros of Ankle Weights

1. Makes Any Workout Better
If you do not have leg pains or a history of ankle problems, then ankle weights can help make your cardiovascular workout better. The added weight increases the difficulty when it comes to movement, providing an even better workout that burns more calories and tones quicker. In addition, many people use ankle weights to help vary up their routine. Ankle weight days become parts of a routine where you can push yourself.

2. Can Introduce New Variety To The Same Workout
Depending on where you place the ankle weights, you can vary up what muscles in your legs get a work out. Placing the ankle weights further up the legs results in a better calf muscle workout. Placing the ankle weights at the ankles results in a more challenging cardiovascular exercise overall which will help boost your strength.

3. Generally Inexpensive
Having been around for a while, ankle weights are generally inexpensive. In addition, they come in a number of different sizes and weights that allows for gradually increasing the weight as you continue to train.

4. A Solid Community
There are a number of online communities centered around weighted clothing. Along with providing support and creating conversation about things like ankle weights, they can be your source for information regarding what is right for you at this point in your life. They will also have links to physician reports regarding the benefits and drawbacks of ankle weights so that you can be well prepared before you begin.

The Cons of Ankle Weights

1. Angle Weights Can Only Support So Much Weight
Given the small circumference and limited muscle at your ankles, your ankles can only support so much weight. As a result, some people do not even bother with ankle weights, seeing the added weight they provide as negligible to the overall experience. Whether or not they work for you will require you testing them first.

2. Not Good For Continuous Cardio Activity
It is not advisable to wear ankle weights every time you do cardio activity. This is because your body is accustomed to handling your weight and movement. Increasing the weight at your ankles means that other parts of your body will not be ready for the weight. While this is perfect for increasing strength, it has the negative effect of increasing injury rates as well. This is why professionals suggest using ankle weights occasionally. This way, you can help strength train while not overusing and injuring your muscles.

3. Can Get The Same Results Through Increased Cardio and Activity
Some doctors suggest that ankle weights are not necessary. Instead, you can get the same results by simply increasing your cardio and activity. For runners, this means running at a faster pace and even at an incline. Because we can simulate the effects of ankle weights through how we approach our exercise, some people do not even bother. That being said, if you have limited options available to you, then ankle weights may be the right way to go.

4. Can Increase Aching In Your Joints
Ankle weight can increase aching in your joints and increase inflammation and injury. When not used correctly, you can cause more harm then good to your legs, slowing you down in the long run. For any person who is overweight, you will want to handle your legs with care. You will be more prone to injury at first, and using ankle weights may put you at unnecessary risk.

So Where Does This Leave Us?

There is nothing worse then wanting to exercise but not being able to because you are injured. If you are struggling to get back into shape then ankle weights may be more trouble then they are worth. If you are more experienced with fitness and you are looking to push yourself, then ankle weights may be just what you need to further train your body.