7 Major Pros and Cons of Living in Oregon

7 Major Pros and Cons of Living in Oregon

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Moving to a new state can be an exciting change or reluctant migration depending on why you are moving. In either case, it can help you dramatically to learn about the state prior to making the move. With that in mind, lets take a moment to consider living in Oregon. As well as reviewing the state, we will look at the pros and cons associated with the Beaver State. With any luck, you will leave this article with a better understanding of what Oregon has to offer.

On the north West coast and bordering Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and California, Oregon offers some of the most breathtaking natural beauty offered in the lower 48 states. Now the ninth largest state in the country, Oregon is the 27th most populated state with just under 4 million residents.

The Pros of Living in Oregon

1. Incredible Natural Diversity
With you are looking for windswept coastlines, then Oregon has you covered. If you are looking for a high desert, then Oregon also has that. If you want dense forests, craters, mountains, valleys, and a whole host of other natural features, then Oregon will have it. Oregon provides an incredible range of natural beauty. If you love to hike, kayak, white water raft, mountain bike, snowshoe and more, then Oregon is the place to be.

2. Population Distribution and Portland
The majority of the population in Oregon lives along Interstate 5. In addition, a great deal of the population is centered in the city of Portland. Portland has an interesting reputation among American cities. Ranked as the nicest place to live in the United States, Portland is kind of weird and amazing progress when compared to other places. Even among other cities, which are traditionally seen as more liberal then rural areas, Portland stands out. This is fantastic if you have the mindset or live an alternative lifestyle. Both in Portland and in the rest of Oregon, crime is lower than average.

3. No Sales Tax in the State of Oregon
Oregon has no sales tax throughout the state. If you like buying things, then this will save you big. Outside of other taxes, the cost of living is also considered to be relatively low when compared to living in other states. If you want to live along the west coast and don’t care about the weather, then Oregon presents a significantly cheaper alternative then California.

The Cons of Living In Oregon

1. Other Taxes Are Higher Then Average
While Oregon does not have sales tax, the majority of their taxes are higher than normal. In particular, residents frequently complain about the tax levels for property. If you are looking to be a home owner, then you should keep this in mind.

2. The Downside To Keeping It Weird
Portland, and Oregon for that matter carries a reputation for having insane politicians. Depending on your political leaning, this may grate at your beliefs. Along with a number of crazy regulations found throughout the law structure, some people are also turned away by the high degree of political correctness in the state. The end result is that it may be hard to get things done through the local and state government. From zoning permits to getting the correct paperwork, you may find it challenging. As a final note, Oregon is struggling to take care of a growing drug problem.

3. A Surprising Lack of Things To Do Outside Nature Activities
While Oregon has a great deal of natural beauty, it suffers in not offering much more beyond this. One result of a limited economy is growing unemployment among young adults looking for work. In addition, while places like California, Nevada, and Washington offer a broader range of activities, Oregon does not. If you want more then nature, then this may be a challenging place to live to. As with any place, this becomes easier to deal with if you live in one of the cities.

4. Climate of Oregon
Many people who complain about Oregon talk about the weather being dismal. Oregon has a larger amount of rainy days then the rest of the US. In addition, Oregon has a much higher number of cloudy days as well. If sunshine is important to you, then there are some opportunities in Oregon. They will however be fewer then in most other US cities. In addition, Oregon occasionally gets strong storms along its coast along with earthquakes. While both are rare, they can still present a threat to your home. A final consideration is whether or not you like having four distinct seasons. The seasons in Oregon blend together much more then in other parts of the country. While some will not care, others may really hate the lack of diverse seasons.