7 Major Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry

7 Major Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry

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More then any other country on the planet, the United States is a nation of guns. With countless organizations centered around gun ownership, the rights of gun owners, and the care of weapons, a number of high profile cases has drawn into question our relationship with weapons. While gun legislation usually takes center stage, other smaller gun related issues sometimes crop up from time to time.

Given the amount of tension and heat surrounding this debate, lets take a moment to calmly and collectively review the pros and cons associated with concealed carry. We will define what concealed carry means, and review the factual and correct pros and cons associated with each stance.

The Pros Of Concealed Carry

1. Upholds a Fundamental American Right
Some of the controversy surrounding whether or not people can carry concealed weapons comes from the wording behind the Bill of Rights passed by Congress and then later ratified by the senate. As the punctuation is often different as well as the wording, it can be a challenge to figure out what the original bill actually meant.

Regardless of what definition you go by however, it is clear that individual American citizens are given the right to carry weapons. Even if you do not believe that each person should be able to easily kill every other person, that right is provided and backed among the various records. By denying the right to carry a concealed weapon, we are infringing on this most basic American right as seen in the amendments to the Bill of Rights. Some argue that removing this right would be similar to removing our ability to speak freely or assemble.

2. Allows For Individuals To Feel Secured
Some people when in public feel like their safety is at risk. Regardless of why a person would feel insecure by their surroundings, a concealed carry weapon will allow them to face potential dangers head on. Regardless of the situation, a concealed carry weapon allows for a person to defend himself or herself.

3. Good Track Record Among Those Carrying
The majority of individuals carrying concealed weapons have a good track record with few occurrences of crimes or any kind of record. While some people may be fearful that a concealed carry will allow for easier robbery and theft, the truth is that most concealed carry people are ordinary and non-violent.

4. Fear of Not Being Able To Fight Back
Frequently found throughout pro-gun groups are cartoons and other images that drive home a singular point. Mass shootings would not occur if more people were allowed to carry weapons and wield those weapons in public places.

The Cons of A Concealed Carry

1. Accidental Use
It cannot be ignored that guns often lead to accidental shootings and deaths. For example, the most frequent shooting to occur in homes is when one spouse accidentally shoots another, thinking that they are an intruder. Children as well will get into their parents things, and it is a grim statistic that children will use guns to accidentally kill themselves or others.

There is a fear that if concealed carry is allowed everywhere, then this risk will go up. Strangers will accidentally be shot for no other reason then the person carrying the weapon read the situation incorrectly. For those who do not own guns, this is a scary possibility.

2. Purposeful Usage
It is up to every individual to take responsibility for himself or herself. That being said, it is a sad truth that individuals can become emotionally and psychologically unstable. Having concealed carry laws means increasing the chances that someone who is unstable will be able to get a gun, will carry that gun into a public space, and will begin killing people.

3. Can Lead In An Escalation
Every person, when thinking carefully enough, can usually list 2 or 3 times where their emotions got the best of them. Throwing reason out, these situations can lead to people going from a simple altercation to something far worse and far more deadly. Again, this is a reality backed not by fear alone but by countless examples of individuals becoming angry and killing one another. While we believe that we are always adults and always rational, our basic human nature states otherwise.

How Is Concealed Carry Defined?

Concealed carry is when someone is carrying a weapon on them and it is not visible. Normally, concealed carry refers not only to the act of walking around with a hidden gun, but also the legislation surrounding whether or not people can do this legally. Concealed carry laws exist in a number of states, with more arguing either to allow or disallow this from happening. At its core, the debate focuses around freedom and safety of the individual carrying verses the safety of everyone else.