7 Major Pros and Cons of a Four Day School Week

7 Major Pros and Cons of a Four Day School Week

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Administrators and education officials are constantly striving to create the best possible learning environment for students. To that end, the concept of the four day week is something that has garnered a great deal of attention in the media as of late. It has also generated more than a little controversy. When it comes to making or suggesting any significant changes to the way students attend school and learn, controversy is to be expected.

Pros of a Four Day School Week

Naturally, when people argue in favor of the four day school week, they are going to tout the benefits. When it comes to the potential good points of establishing a four day work week, these are the pros that come up in conversation the most often:

1. Considerable Financial Benefits
The current financial strain on the public education system is very real, and it is causing a lot of problems. It is forcing schools to stretch budgets to unreasonable lengths, and this in turn shortchanges the potential of the students. It is believed that having the school open for four days instead of five would remove a significant portion of the aforementioned financial strain. Schools could then focus on using their resources to give students the best four-day school week possible.

2. Attendance Actually Improves
Some believe that the current five-day school week model burns students out, which leads to decreased attendance. Parents can also use the extra day off to schedule doctor appointments and other essentials. Students will avoid feeling burnt-out, and instead take full advantage of everything they can gain from a four day school week.

3. Focus Increases
Many suggest that a four-day school week would benefit the concentration capabilities of both teachers and students. As suggested in the item above, a shorter school week can potentially compel both students and teachers to take advantage of the shorter school week. They will want to make the most of the time they have. This means that not only can attendance dramatically increase, but concentration can also increase amongst the students, and even the teachers. Focus goes up, and that can quite possibly lead to grades and other things going up, as well.

4. More Time to Create Rounded Individuals
Students who have a three-day weekend can potentially devote more time to their interests, which can help them to become more well-rounded individuals. A stronger balance between work and play will be created, and there are a number of possible benefits to that to consider.

Cons of a Four Day School Week

There are some clear advantages to a four day school week that should be considered. By the same token, there are some potential drawbacks that should be considered:

1. Increased Costs for Parents
While schools can save money with a four day school week, parents are actually going to have eat some of those costs. This is because a four day school week does not mean the parents have a four day work week. For those who work and have young children, arrangements will have to be made to care for the child. These arrangements can become expensive over time.

2. School Meal Reliance
Many students rely on school meals for sustenance. Eliminating a day of the school week could very possibly eliminate a day of the week in which a student gets to eat a decent meal.

3. Longer School Schedule?
Many believe that a longer school day is necessary to offset the creation of a four day school week. This could lead to concentration problems, particularly for children who are just starting out.

Is the four day school week a good idea? In order to find an answer to this challenging question, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of the four day school week. This can begin by developing a keen understanding of what the four day school week hopes to achieve.

4 Day School Week Explained

In an effort to make the school week more effective, the idea of decreasing the number of days in the school week has been put forth. The idea of a longer school week is not a new idea, but the concept of actually knocking down the number of school days from five to four is. Some feel that making this move to cut one day from the school week (the suggested day is usually Monday or Friday) would bring down costs, which in turn could create income that could be used in a variety of ways.

Can this actually work? Would a four-day school week create additional resources for teachers to establish and maintain a meaningful learning environment? This is a difficult question to answer. In order to decide for yourself whether or not the 4 day school week is a good idea, you are naturally going to want to weigh the pros and cons of the four day school week very carefully.