7 Key Pros and Cons of Marriage

7 Key Pros and Cons of Marriage

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If you live in the United States, then you have most certainly heard about marriage in the news. With an increasing number of states passing marriage equality laws, the debate is raging as to whether or not people of the same sex can join in on marriage. With the current stats relating to marriage in the United States, many people argue that same sex couples should be allowed to marry, simply to bring up the statistic.

The Pros of Marriage

1. Gain Spousal Privileges
Besides marrying the person of your dreams, becoming married means taking advantage of many privileges afforded by the state for married people. More often then not, this means filing taxes jointly and saving on taxes as a result. In addition, spousal privilege exists to allow special protection among married couples when it comes to the law. Finally, being married can make you eligible for things like health insurance, and even discounts on educational services if your spouse works at a college or university.

2. Increase the Stability of Raising Children
Being married means shared responsibility. It generally leads to increased stability in the household. Regardless of what tasks married couples are doing, these tasks can be split up between individuals. When it comes to raising children, study after study supports the fact that a married couple provides a more stable childhood then a single parent. In addition, children have both parents as role models.

3. Sets A Goal To Work Towards
Marriage is an incredible thing that is held together by two people taking vows to work out problems and grow together. With marriage, each person can rely on the other to get what they need to get done and to grow personally in a safe and reward environment. While this does not always work out, it is always the goal behind marriage and can even lead to people becoming better as a result. With the significance of vows, people can use them as a goal to work out problems that may not otherwise be addressed.

The Cons of Marriage

1. May Not Be Interested In The Institution
Equal marriage rights are a debate currently going on in the United States, and it brings up an interesting point that individuals of the latest generation are struggling with. In particular, marriage, and the institution of marriage does not reflect what people want. With many people having gay and lesbian friends, the institution of marriage can seem outdated and not at all relevant. In addition, marriage implies certain gender stereotypes that people feel uncomfortable living with.

2. Problems Come Up Through Divorce
Committing your life to another does not always work out. As people continue to change and grow while in a relationship, the person you originally married may not be the person you are going to sleep with every night. When this happens, divorce may be your only choice. Divorce leads to many issues, including custody disputes alimony, arguments, and even fights. Because divorces can be so messy, and because a growing number of adults have come from the product of divorce, there is less interest in the institution as a whole.

3. Initial Cost and A Financially Responsible Decision
When married, you can save a lot of money through taxes. However, getting married can be very expensive for some. Wedding ceremonies can be big affairs, and between the wedding ring, the wedding dress, the venue, the food, and every one of a million possible things, initially being married can lead to the couple taking on additional debt. With the current generation in particular, student loan debt and personal debt is at an all time high. As a result, many couples are putting off marriage until they get older and can better afford the expenses.

4. Familial Expectations
Once married, it is quite common for families to begin applying pressure to the couple. Along with starting to have children, there is the urge to move in and start a life together. There is an adherence to certain gender and lifestyle roles that not everyone is comfortable with. For those that like being together and see no pressing need for marriage, these additional expectations complicate the matter.

Important Things to Know About Marriage

Marriage rates are at an all time low. According to the CDC, little more then half the number of people who get married will also get divorced. With the millennial generation getting to the age of marriage, fewer and fewer couples are deciding to go with it.

So what’s wrong with marriage? Why are some groups fighting for the right to marry, while majorities who have the right never decide to go through with it? Lets take a moment to review the pros and cons associated with marriage. In particular, we will focus on marriage within the United States, as many of the pros and cons associated with this topic are specific to general life in the states.