7 Critical Pros and Cons of Glass Countertops

7 Critical Pros and Cons of Glass Countertops

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Glass countertops look amazing. They are suitable for the centre tables in a living room, dining tables and any kind of table that doesn’t involve heavy duty tasks. You shouldn’t consider glass countertops for kitchen counters or where you would normally do all the cutting and any other task that requires you to exert considerable pressure.

There is no dearth of materials when it comes to countertops and your personal preference for one will always influence your choice. Some people love wood, some love natural stone like granite while some would be happy with stainless steel or concrete. Every material has its share of advantages and disadvantages. You should consider the glass countertops pros and cons before deciding to buy it.

Pros of Glass Countertops

1. Nice Appearance
The first major advantage of glass countertops is the appearance. Glass comes in myriad shapes, sizes, designs and also forms. There is crushed glass, a single slab of glass, recycled glass and there are several varieties of glass graded according to their opaqueness, sturdiness and the kind of composition it has. Glass can also be used with other materials for a completely different look. Most people who like glass countertops because of the uniqueness. Imagine crushed glass countertops and the kind of texture and design they have. Since glass is crushed and adhered together in different ways, the eventual result can be completely unique. The same source of crushed glass can make for different designs depending on the layout, pattern and how the pieces are adhered. Who wouldn’t like a completely unique countertop in their homes or offices?

2. Versatile for Any Environment
Glass countertops can be used almost anywhere. It can be on a coffee table, on an outdoor table mounted on wrought iron foundation, it can be a dining table or any other platform that you think has to be decked up. Other materials don’t usually blend well with all types of tables and certainly don’t seem appropriate everywhere. For instance, granite wouldn’t look good in a living room, wood wouldn’t be the best choice outdoors and stainless steel doesn’t look good on a coffee table. Glass is the only material that is apt in most places, whether it is a home or office, outdoor setting or an indoor commercial place.

3. Durable for Continued Use
Glass countertops are substantially durable. They have to be taken care of as in the pressure exerted, the weight loaded on it or mounted on top and meticulous handling are all necessary but you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging the glass at the slightest of use. Glass doesn’t show signs of wear and tear if the impact of use is within sustainable limits. On its own, glass doesn’t age. While natural stone doesn’t show signs of ageing as well, glass actually manages to stay just as good as new for a really long time. Also, glass is relatively cheaper than natural stone which makes it a more durable product at the price.

4. Heat Resistant
Glass is heat resistant and thus such countertops don’t face any threat from heat. You don’t have to worry about glass reacting to a hot plate or some freshly made pot of coffee. You don’t have to worry about shrinkage or expansion of the material. The glass wouldn’t show any sign of wear and tear even when exposed to substantially high heat. Some surfaces become moist, some become rough while some material warp when exposed to high heat but glass countertops don’t have such issues.

5. Stain Resistant
Glass countertops are also resistant to stains. It doesn’t matter what kind of stain you spill on your glass countertop, all you need is a simple swipe with a clean cloth and your countertop is clean. In the worst case scenario, you would need a wet cloth or some cleaning agent. Glass doesn’t allow any stain to stick to it. Whether it is normal water or drops of wine, your countertop would not be subjected to any damage. One reason why many people love glass countertops is the convenience of cleaning and maintaining them.

One of the more important glass countertops pros is environment friendliness. Recycled glass is eco friendly so you are doing your bit by choosing glass countertops.

Cons of Glass Countertops

1. Needing a Repair
One of the most concerning glass countertops cons is repairs. If the glass gets damaged, then repairing it isn’t just hard and expensive but at times it may not be possible at all. Glass cannot be repaired by putting the pieces back together. Often, a normal chip or a dent can ruin the entire piece. Chipping and dents, cracks and a piece breaking apart, these are common problems with glass countertops. You can choose the best brand and the most expensive piece but you have to be careful, certainly more than how you would be with natural stone or concrete.

2. Can’t Be Used with Sharp or Heavy Objects
Glass countertops cannot be used anywhere if you plan to use knives or any kind of sharp or heavy object. Installation of glass countertops is particularly challenging which also inflates the initial costs.