6 Major Pros and Cons of Rats as Pets

6 Major Pros and Cons of Rats as Pets

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Pets are something that most people dream of welcoming into their home one day. There are so many different types of pets to choose from including dogs, cats, and less popular animal species. Pets can make a home feel more safe and secure, but they can also add a level of comfort that homeowners desire. The type of pet that you choose to introduce into your home will determine the type or experience that you have. Dogs, cats and birds might be the most common house pets, but rats are becoming increasingly more common. You might think that rats only gain access to homes by mistake, but there are some homeowners that welcome rats in as pets.

Before you decide if a rat is the right pet for your home, it is a good idea to become familiar with all the pros and cons that apply. There are both good and bad aspects to having a rat for a pet and you need to know exactly what you are getting into. Getting a rat for a pet is a big commitment that you should not take lightly. Knowing about all the pros and cons of having a rat as a pet will help you to make the most informed decision.

Pros of Rats As Pets

1. Very Intelligent Pet that is Easy to Train
One of the biggest advantages to choosing a rate as a pet is the intelligence that they have. Rats are extremely smart and are much easier to teach and train than typical house pets. All of the training pitfalls that you have to go through with dogs or even cats are not common when dealing with rats. Rats know how to use their own litter trays and can be a pet in your home that does not make a mess.

2. Their Own Unique Personality that You Can Bond With
You might assume that rats can’t establish attachments like other house pets, but this is not true. Just like dogs and cats, rats have their very own distinctive personalities. This means that they can be very friendly or more discrete depending on their own unique personality characteristics. Rats can be a great form of entertainment for owners and will also be a curious pet that enjoys roaming your home. It is possible to bond with a pet rat much in the same way that you would a cat or dog.

3. Very Cheap to Purchase
Many pets that you bring into your home can be incredibly expensive and require a lot of accessories, but rats as pets are relatively cheap. You can buy a rat for a very affordable price at just about any local pet store.

Cons of Rats As Pets

1. A Pet that Needs to be Caged
The only way that you can safely have a rat as a pet is to keep it caged. If you pet rats are kept in cages then they will not be able to dirty your home. However, having a pet that is caged most of eth time is not ideal for most pet owners. If you have a house pet you probably want to let it go and roam your home, but this is not something that you can do with rats. Rats will dirty your home and cause a health risk if let roam free.

2. Can Cause a lot of Home Damage
You might think that small rats can do a lot of damage to your home, but this is untrue. Most pet rats can actually cause a lot more damage to your home than full-grown cats and dogs. Rats that are let go in your home can damage curtains, blinds, carpets and even furniture.

3. Prone to Disease
Rats that are not in their proper place are very prone to becoming sick with diseases and other viruses. Some of the viruses that rats obtain can even be transferred to humans, which could put your own health at risk.

Can a Rat Actually be a Pet?

If you are hearing for the first time about this phenomenon of rats becoming house pets, you might have a lot of questions. It is reasonable to think that some type of health risks would apply if you have rats in your home. However, having a rat as a pet is different from having a rat infestation in your home. It is important to differentiate the two before you delve deeper into the pros and cons associated with having a pet rat. Choosing the right pet for your home is not always easy, but a rat might now be an option.