6 Major Pros and Cons of Living in San Francisco

6 Major Pros and Cons of Living in San Francisco

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When you are choosing the perfect city to call home, you have a lot of available options. There are so many different cities to choose from, but San Francisco is one that is growing in population at a rapid rate. San Francisco is really a beautiful city that is often referred to as one of the most popular places to live in the entire country.

However, even though San Francisco is becoming a popular place to live not everyone views this city that way. Deciding where to live is often a personal preference, but there are normally overriding factors that sway your view on a city one way or another. Before you start calling San Francisco home it might be a good idea to learn about both the pros and cons associated with living in this unique and diverse city. It might not be what you expect.

Pros of Living in San Francisco

There are some advantages to living in San Francisco that are simply not obtainable in other cities throughout the nation. The benefits that come with living in San Francisco might just enough to make you decide that living in this region is right for you.

1. Network of People with Ideas
Since San Francisco is a place where technology and business startups can thrive, it is also a region of the world where contacts are everywhere. You can really network yourself and your business ideas by simply call San Francisco home. With plenty of startups in the Bay area that are in the similar position as you. It is not hard to meet and connect with people that are likeminded. You can meet people with expertise in different aspects of business that can help you get your startup off the ground. If you are looking for the perfect city that combines technology and business savvy knowledge, San Francisco might be just what you have been looking for.

2. Capital Up For Grabs
If you are looking for the capital that you need to finally give your business idea a try, you might find that moving to San Francisco is the best way to make this happen. There are many different types of capital sources that you can get access to in San Francisco. This could be in the form of an angel investor or even venture capitalists. Most investors are looking to supply capital to businesses that they are close to and living in San Francisco could open you up to many more options. Making your startup dreams come true with the help of capital is made so much simpler in San Francisco.

3. On-the-Go, But Laid Back
Even though San Francisco is a city that thrives on business and technology, it still has a very laid back vibe. You get to live and work in a place that is filled with things that you love to do. With cool restaurants and coffee locations all over the city, you can live and work in the way that you see fit. Living is San Francisco always ensures that you have something available to do that fits with your interests.

4. Great Weather
One of the biggest pros to living in San Francisco might just be the weather. This might seem like a trivial benefit, but the weather in the city that you choose to call home is important. The weather in San Francisco is really mild, but it is normally pleasant and sunny.

Cons of Living in San Francisco

Not everything about living in San Francisco is seen as a positive. There are a few cons that you should know about before you move.

1. High Cost of Living
Even though San Francisco might be the perfect city to get your startup off the ground, it is not an affordable place to live in the meantime. The cost of living in San Francisco is extremely high in comparison to other cities. It doesn’t matter where you live in the city, it will cost an arm and a leg just for rent.

2. High State Taxes
On top of the high cost of living, it should also be noted that state taxes in San Francisco are also incredibly high.

What is San Francisco Known For?

San Francisco is a city growing in popularity for a number of reasons. It is often referred to as a location that is ideal for new business startups. If you are a person that has business on the brand and are looking to take your idea and make it come to life, living in San Francisco might give you access to an abundance of benefits. San Francisco might be infamous for the Golden Gate bridge or a place where diversity is just about everywhere you look, but there are a lot of different things that make San Francisco such a unique city to live in.