6 Major Pros and Cons of Hunting

6 Major Pros and Cons of Hunting

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Hunting is one of the very few elusive activities that can considered a hobby or a crime depending on the circumstances. Some people choose to hunt as a type of recreational sport that involves skill, but in some counties hunting is not seen as legal. The theory that humans are equipped with a animalistic instinct to hunt was first introduced during the Stone Age when there were other methods for food beyond hunting, but hunting was still preferred. Hunters choose their prey and attack it with a plan to kill. The practice of hunting is one that has been around since the dawn of man and is still in practice to this day.

What Are the Pros of Hunting

1. Control of Animal Populations
Many of those that advocate hunting feel that it helps to keep certain species of animal populations under control. Without the existence of hunting research shows that some animal specie populations might grow to large numbers that are not ideal. The population of deer was originally held in check be larger predators including wolves, cougars and bears, but the killing of these animals has led to the overpopulation of deer. If hunting was now done away with, it would grow into a larger deer overpopulation issue. The population of deer is currently only held in check by hunting.

2. Food
Even though hunting is often viewed as a hobby, it is also a method for survival. Hunting is something that some families depend on as a source of food. This has been true for centuries. Without hunting there would not be meat that you could purchase form the grocery store. You might not be the one doing the hunting, but you are enjoying the benefits. Doing away with hunting would limit the food supply greatly.

3. Fun Experience
Many of those avid hunters that promote it as a sport claim that it is a fun activity and enjoy the skill of it. Hunting is considered to be a pastime and a fun hobby for many different people of all ages and from all parts of the world. It does not seem to be an activity that will be going away any time soon.

What Are the Cons Hunting

1. Trophy Hunting
Those that are opposed to hunting are primarily outraged by trophy hunting. This refers to the type of hunting that is done for pleasure or sport instead of for food. Trophy hunting is seen by many opposed to hunting as cruel and unnecessary. The animals that are killed are not consumed, but are used as trophies to show off hunting skills.

2. Dangerous Sport
Another big negative aspect of hunting is the possibility of accident or danger. This is especially true for new hunters with very little experience. It does not take much for a hunting trip to go terribly wrong and to end tragically. Many people die each and every year due to hunting accidents. There have been many different reported accounts of hunters accidentally shooting and killing fellow hunters.

3. Inhumane Suffering
One of the most controversial aspects of hunting is the prospect that an animal may be suffering from a long and painful death. This leads to many protesting the idea of killing defenseless animals and exerting a harsh physical death.

The Hobby of Hunting

Even though most people living in the United States and many other countries no longer have to hunt for food to survive, this is a hobby that they participate in for enjoyment. There are many people that currently hunt as a hobby and enjoy all aspects of this activity. However, due to legislated restrictions it is now illegal to hunt in certain areas or to hunt certain animals.

This is due to the fact that there are various species of animals that are close to extinction and hunting brings the extinction of many animals closer. Hunting should not be confused with poaching. Poaching is the killing of illegal animals for monetary value, but hunting is the killing of animals for food or sport. For example, it should be noted that tigers are poached for their skin, sharks are poached for their fins and even gorillas are poached for meat. These types of exotic animals are illegal to hunt and killing them is referred to as poaching. When you are discussing hunting it is important that you make a distinction between the two.

Is Hunting Good or Bad?

Your perspective on hunting can be skewed or persuaded by a variety of factors. There are many different things that can sway how you view this issue. Determining if hunting is good or bad is not as straightforward as one would think. The only way to look at hunting form an unbiased viewpoint is to closely examine both the pros and cons of hunting. Both sides of the argument have their own positions that can be backed by facts. Weight the pros against the cons can help you come up with your own take on the topic.