6 Key Pros and Cons of Zoos

6 Key Pros and Cons of Zoos

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Zoos are a great place to take a family for fun outing. You get to see lots of exotic animals that you only get to see in books and on TV. Learn about fun and interesting wildlife, see new animals, and have an all-around great day. However, there are both good and bad points behind zoos.

List of Pros of Zoos

1. Zoos provide a lot of benefits for animals that normally may not receive them. For examples, medical care for injuries and/or proper nutrition for animal that may not normally be able to provide for its self for many reasons. These animals are under the supervision of zoo staff that can help them in the event of an emergency.

2. Out in the wild a lot of these animals would very likely not survive. Also many of the animals at a zoo are endangered or at risk of becoming endangered. These animals are hunted for their skins, teeth, and other products by poachers. Also some animals have a harder time surviving in the wild by themselves. This can be either due to destruction and/or pollution of natural environment, too much competition for food, over huntering by predators, disease or other unfortunate reasons.

3. Zoos provide safety and security for these animals that they may not otherwise have in the wild. Additionally Zoos provide a chance for people to learn more about some of these animals that they wouldn’t have a chance to otherwise. By feeding, caring for and working with these animals zoo professionals can teach and learn from them. This would be a lot harder to almost impossible with some of these animals; either due to their dangerous nature, elusivity, or rarity in the wild.

List of Cons of Zoos

1. On the other foot there are a number of problems with keeping animals in zoos. One of the biggest is the confined spaces that a lot of animals are forced to live in. Unlike their natural environment where they have can roam free zoos keep them confined in their habitats. This is especially true for animals that tend to migrate and move around a lot. Elephants for example travel long distances in groups normally. By confining them into smaller habitats it goes against their migratory nature. This is true for a number of different animals as well. Animals like lions for example do not get the chance to hunt and can grow more aggressive if they are not taken care of properly. This can lead to more danger for zoo personal as well as customers.

2. One of the other major draw backs from zoos is that they take their toll mentally on the animals that live in them. For animals that were captured in the wild it takes them a long time to adjust to being confined as well as even once they adjust it causes them extra stress. For animals that are born in captivity it becomes a double edged sword. If they are ever to be released into the wild they do not have the capabilities to survive as those that are born into the wild. This can be especially tragic with the financial uncertainty a lot of zoos tend to find themselves in.

3. Outside of the major zoos such as the Bronx Zoo and the San Diego Zoo many zoos struggle financially. This is mostly due to the high cost of maintaining the animals with lesser income from park customers and other funds. In the event a Zoo closes down the animals either gets divided up to other zoos and animal rescues or get sold off to cover any debts the zoo may have. The animals don’t always go to people who may have their best interests in mind. For these reason Zoos can be detrimental for both staff as well as the animals.

In Summary

In the end the biggest issue with Zoos is that while they do provide safety and security for a lot of animals they also can cause major issue for the animals they house. In general Zoos do provide a lot of benefits for animals and researchers alike. However, they do come at a cost; whether that cost is worth the risk or not is debatable. For many people Zoos represent a chance to experience animals that otherwise would be impossible to. Is it fair to the animals? That again is debatable. What it all boils down to is right now Zoos serve a function both as educational and entertainment for families in addition to providing a place for the animals to be secure and allow for others to study them in a safe environment.