6 Critical Pros and Cons of Online Schooling

6 Critical Pros and Cons of Online Schooling

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Going back to school and continuing your education is not easy. If it were, then more people would be taking advantage of the opportunity that online schooling for post secondary education provides. The truth is, that unless you attend college, the variety of jobs available to you and the opportunities for social promotion will be limited.

Online schooling offers a possible way for people to continue their education while also managing the responsibilities of everyday life. Requiring only an internet connection and workable computer, online courses offer incredible freedom when compared to the traditional college model. With that in mind, lets take a moment to review the pros and cons of online schooling.

The Pros of Online Schooling

1. Online Schooling Is Much Easier To Attend
There is a reason why being a college student is full time. Between the course load, the class requirements, and the grades, there is very little time left in the day for anything else. While courses at night help make this easier, they still require that you show up to a place at a particular time. If you do not live near a college campus, or you are not free when courses are offered, then online schooling may be the way to go. You can get online schooling with nothing more then the computer and internet connection in your own home. With flexible online course hours and a studying schedule that you can wrap around your life and responsibilities, online schooling is significantly easier to attend.

2. Prices For Online Schooling Are Less On Average
The average price per class through online schooling is less then the price of at a traditional college. Paid per credit hour, you stand to save a great deal of money by making use of online courses. This is especially important for those on a tight budget.

3. Can Provide Valuable Certification and Licensing
Online schooling covers an incredible range of subjects. In addition, you can get online schooling in a number of programs designed to end with certification or licensing. More often then not, what holds people back at work is not having the correct certification or licensing. With online courses, you can invest in your future and open yourself up to advancement within the company. In addition, many companies will pay for their employees to get education through online courses because they recognize the importance education plays in their employee’s performance. If you are working for a company that may support this, then ask your supervisor if they have a system in place for continuing education.

The Cons of Online Schooling

1. Considered Less Prestigious Than Traditional College
In general, an education earned online is considered less prestigious then an equal education earned in a classroom. Now, there is an important not that is worth mentioning. If you are taking classes towards a certification or license, then it doesn’t matter how you learn what you need to know, as long as you pass the required tests. This is one of the major benefits of online schooling. The reverse however is that if you are interested in continuing your education and even applying to a traditional college or university, then online courses may not be considered as valuable as courses taken at an institution.

2. Still Requires A Great Deal of Time
Online schooling eliminates your commute time, reduces the amount of time associated with waiting for class to begin, and can even speed up communication between professor and student. What online schooling does not do is reduce the amount of time you have to spend studying.

One of the greatest things that people struggle with when taking courses online is putting the time aside to study. Between work, children, and family responsibilities, studying often comes last in the order of importance. Making the time to study, especially if it is your only free time during the day, can be an amazing challenge.

In addition, if you are looking to complete a complicated degree, then you are looking at several courses spanning months and even years. Successfully completing the program will mean having to put the time aside and make a serious commitment.

3. Costs Money
While not as much as traditional college, online courses still cost money. Given the cost, they should only be pursued if you are willing to see it through. If not, then you will end up getting nothing out of the money you spend.

As explained above, online schooling has a number of pros and cons associated with it. If you are interested in online schooling, then consider your motivation. What is motivating you to pursue education? Use this motivation to help get through the challenging points and keep a clear image in your mind regarding your end goal. With some luck and perseverance, you can use online schooling to get where you want to go.