50 Famous Jean Paul Sartre Quotes

50 Famous Jean Paul Sartre Quotes

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Jean Paul Sartre was a novelist, activist, philosopher and playwright from Paris, France. He is known as being a key philosopher in existentialism and Marxism. He died on April 15, 1980.

“Absurd, irreducible; nothing — not even a profound and secret delirium of nature — could explain it.”

“Ah! Do not judge the gods, young man, they have painful secrets.”

“Ah! How I hate the crimes of the new generation: they are dry and sterile as darnel.”

“All that I know about my life, it seems, I have learned in books.”

“As for me, I am mean: that means that I need the suffering of others to exist. A flame. A flame in their hearts. When I am all alone, I am extinguished.”

“Be quiet! Anyone can spit in my face, and call me a criminal and a prostitute. But no one has the right to judge my remorse.”

“Every age has its own poetry; in every age the circumstances of history choose a nation, a race, a class to take up the torch by creating situations that can be expressed or transcended
only through poetry.”

“For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it.”

“Generally speaking there is no irreducible taste or inclination. They all represent a certain appropriative choice of being. It is up to existential psychoanalysis to compare and classify
them. Ontology abandons us here; it has merely enabled us to determine the ultimate ends of human reality, its fundamental possibilities, and the value which haunts it.”

“Generosity is nothing else than a craze to possess. All which I abandon, all which I give, I enjoy in a higher manner through the fact that I give it away…. To give is to enjoy
possessively the object which one gives.”

“He is dead, and my hatred has died with him.”

“Hell is other people.”

“I am responsible for everything … except for my very responsibility, for I am not the foundation of my being. ”

“I came to claim my kingdom and you refused me because I was not one of you. Now I am one of you, my subjects, we are bound by blood, and I deserve to be your king. Your sins and your
remorse, your mighty anguish, I take all upon myself. Fear your dead no more, they are my dead.”

“I hate victims who respect their executioners.”

“I think they do it to pass the time, nothing more. But time is too large, it can’t be filled up. Everything you plunge into it is stretched and disintegrates.”

“If we must absolutely mention this state of affairs, I suggest that we call ourselves “absent”, that is more proper.”

“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”

“Imagination is not an empirical or superadded power of consciousness, it is the whole of consciousness as it realizes its freedom.”

“In a word, man must create his own essence: it is in throwing himself into the world, suffering there, struggling there, that he gradually defines himself.”

“In order to make myself recognized by the Other, I must risk my own life. To risk one’s life, in fact, is to reveal oneself as not-bound to the objective form or to any determined existence
— as not-bound to life.”

“Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal.”

“Like all dreamers I confuse disenchantment with truth.”

“Man is always separated from what he is by all the breadth of the being which he is not. He makes himself known to himself from the other side of the world and he looks from the horizon
toward himself to recover his inner being.”

“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”

“My thought is me: that’s why I can’t stop. I exist because I think … and I can’t prevent myself from thinking.”

“Nothingness haunts being.”

“One always dies too soon – or too late. And yet one’s whole life is complete at that moment, with a line drawn neatly under it, ready for the summing up. You are – your life, and nothing

“Our responsibility is much greater than we might have supposed, because it involves all mankind.”

“People who live in society have learned how to see themselves in mirrors as they appear to their friends. I have no friends. Is that why my flesh is so naked?”

“She believed in nothing; only her skepticism kept her from being an atheist.”

“Some men are born committed to action: they do not have a choice, they have been thrown on a path, at the end of that path, an act awaits them, their act.”

“Suppose that I wish to deserve the title of “robber of remorse” and that I place in myself all [the townspeople’s] repentence?”

“That God does not exist, I cannot deny, That my whole being cries out for God I cannot forget.”

“The For-itself, in fact, is nothing but the pure nihilation of the In-itself; it is like a hole of being at the heart of Being.”

“The past is the luxury of proprietors.”

“The real nature of the present revealed itself: it was what exists, all that was not present did not exist.”

“There may be more beautiful times, but this one is ours.”

“They are in bad faith — they are afraid — and fear, bad faith have an aroma that the gods find delicious. Yes, the gods like that, the pitiful souls.”

“Three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do.”

“To choose this or that is to affirm at the same time the value of what we choose, because we can never choose evil. We always choose the good, and nothing can be good for us without being
good for all.”

“To eat is to appropriate by destruction.”

“We are our choices.”

“We do not judge the people we love.”

“We were too light, Electra. Now our feet press down in the earth like the wheels of a cart in its groove. Come with me, and we will walk heavily, bending under the weight of our heavy load.”

“We will freedom for freedom’s sake, in and through particular circumstances. And in thus willing freedom, we discover that it depends entirely upon the freedom of others and that the
freedom of others depends upon our own.”

“What I see is teeming cohesion, contained dispersal…. For him, to sculpt is to take the fat off space.”

“What then did you expect when you unbound the gag that muted those black mouths? That they would chant your praises? Did you think that when those heads that our fathers had forcibly bowed
down to the ground were raised again, you would find adoration in their eyes?”

“Words are loaded pistols.”

“You know how much I admire Che Guevara. In fact, I believe that the man was not only an intellectual but also the most complete human being of our age: as a fighter and as a man, as a
theoretician who was able to further the cause of revolution by drawing his theories from his personal experience in battle.”