5 Vital Pros and Cons of Hysterectomy

5 Vital Pros and Cons of Hysterectomy

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Having children is something every women thinks about at least once in their lives. For some it’s a wonderful blessing, while for others it’s an archaic nuisance. Regardless of your stance on having children, getting a Hysterectomy is a major decision in one’s life. For some people it’s an option to prevent having a child or having more children while for others it’s to prevent greater health issues. Regardless of your decision consulting a licensed medical professional should be your first top. They can give you all the information you will need to make this decision. Some of the specific details you should be aware of are outlined below. No matter what reason you need or want a Hysterectomy there are a few things to know before you go under the knife.

The Pros of Hysterectomy

1. Has a far greater chance of preventing unwanted pregnancy compared to standard birth control methods.
One of the biggest benefits that people think about regarding Hysterectomies is the prevention of having a child or having more children. Many women either choose to not have children in general or decide that the number of children they have is enough. This can be for any number of reasons but a Hysterectomy is a more permanent solution than typical birth control measures. Condoms, pills, and other birth control measures, while statistically are accurate means for pregnancy prevention, are not 100% at the best of times. For a woman not looking to have a child and/or more children a Hysterectomy may be the best solution. Of course for some people a Hysterectomy is more for the medical benefits than the risk of pregnancy.

2. Can resolve specific health issues such as; Fibroids, chronic crippling menstrual cycle, and certain forms of cancer.
Some women for example suffer from extreme menstrual symptoms; such as excessive bleeding, crippling abdominal pain, and anemia. Additionally there may be greater health risks for some women that a Hysterectomy can prevent and/or fix. Such medical problems like cysts, fibroids, or cervical cancer. While a Hysterectomy can be a drastic procedure with life lasting effects it may offer greater benefits for the health of the patient and even save their life.

While surgery of any kind is a last resort, in many cases it can make all the difference in the life of the women. Outside of the medical benefits that may be achieved through a Hysterectomy, for some individuals child birth is not an option. Not so much in the case of a women deciding to not have child and/or more children but in the case of an individual that has a severe mental illness. For example someone that suffers from severe schizophrenia, or extreme memory loss. These individuals struggle to take care of themselves let alone a child. Combine this with the potential heredity of certain mental illnesses can result in children that go on to suffer from the same illnesses. This is also true for individuals with diminished capacities.

While many individuals that suffer from mental handicaps are perfectly able to care for their children as well as many having perfectly normal children that do not have their parents’ disability some are unable to do so; in the case of extreme autism for example. Even in the case of individuals that are capable of caring for them without assistance having children who also suffer from their disability may not be something the woman chooses to risk. Additionally there are cases of women potentially risking their health and even lives from child birth. Regardless of your reason, a Hysterectomy can greatly enhance not only your physical health it can enhance your mental as well.

The Cons of Hysterectomy

1. General risks associated with any surgery
With a Hysterectomy, no matter how you look at it, is a surgical procedure. Any surgical procedure carries inherent risks with it. Minor things as scars, cost, and recovery time to more detrimental such as risk of infection, complications, or in rare, extreme cases malpractice. Any way you slice it surgery on its own is a risky operation. If your Hysterectomy includes having your doctor remove your ovaries you will also potentially need hormone replacement and/or therapy. While playing a vital part in the child birthing process your ovaries also play a major part in hormone production. With them out of the picture your body can no longer produce the necessary amounts of estrogen. This can lead to mild to severe consequences without supplementation or treatment. Also take into account the psychological effects a Hysterectomy may have. While not apparent immediately there can be some long lasting mental problems that may arise in some individuals.

2. Cannot be undone if you change your mind down the road.
The biggest draw back from a Hysterectomy is of course your inability to have children after it is done. While for some people this can be a desired result for others it can be life altering. It is true that not every woman wants to have children but for many this is one of the single most sacred acts they can achieve. Creating and giving birth to a new human is something special no matter how you look at it. Losing this ability can be psychologically scaring for someone. A Hysterectomy is not something to hastily decide upon. Even when if you put a lot of thought into it you have to remember that it is a perminate solution. Even if you don’t want children now that does not mean you may not want them down the road. Five to ten years from now you may decide to have children. Furthermore, even if you do not want to ever have children of your own that doesn’t mean you might not want to donate your eggs for someone else to have children. Many couples struggle with conception on their own; with in vitro they can potentially achieve their goal with your help. After you have had a Hysterectomy you no longer have either option open for you.

3. There may be alternative medical procedures that could solve your medical issues easier.
There are potentially other treatments that may serve you better than a Hysterectomy. In the case of excessive bleeding leading to anemia during menstruation you can instead have what is called an ablation procedure; this method freezes or cauterizes uterine lining allowing for less bleeding. Another example is in the case of fibroids. As an alternative to having a Hysterectomy you can instead have a uterine artery embolization in which the blood supply to the fibroids is severed. A myomectomy is another example for treatment of fibroids in which they are physically removed while leaving the uterus intact. As with any medical treatment minor or major consult with licensed medical professionals first.

In Conclusion

With everything said and done whether you decide to get a Hysterectomy or explore alternatives the final decision is yours to make. Do the benefits overshadow the risks? It all depends on your specific situation. As with most medical procedures it operates on a case by case basis. One experience at the same medical facility with the same staff can be drastically different for someone else.