5 Major Pros and Cons of HGH

5 Major Pros and Cons of HGH

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Human growth hormone or HGH has been around for some time, but it is just starting to gain more recognition in the world of medicine and health. It was originally a hormone used to help regulate child development in children that would not grow at normal rates. However, different uses for HGH have been found and developed over time. These hormones are produced within the brain by the pituitary gland.

Since they are primarily hormones tied to child development the production of HGH within the body typically tapers off by around the age of 20. This is just a part of the natural aging process as you grow older. It can be the most effective treatment for children suffering from a variety of childhood growth deficiencies. The benefits of HGH do not stop there though. Now this hormone is being used for so much more including aging.

Pros of HGH Use

Is Beneficial in Multiple Ways
HGH has gotten a bad reputation lately for being harmful, but it can beneficial in some instances. Even though it is known to effectively treat many childhood growth deficiencies, it is starting to gain recognition as a way to help the elderly improve bone strength. There are many side effects of aging that can be harmful to your health. HGH has the ability to improve bone strength, repair tissue and also start to heal brain functions. This means that elderly people dealing with the harmful effects of aging can experience some relief with HGH treatments. This type of treatment is still in the infancy stages for elderly patients, so there are still many unknowns.

Increased Energy
HGH is a hormone that has also been proven to increase energy. Many people that are feeling lethargic or looking to get a boost in the gym, use this hormone as a type of supplementation. It helps to boost energy in high doses and has even been seen to increase the metabolism in general. This means that people looking to lose weight and speed up their metabolism can benefit from HGH use. This just adds to the wide variety of benefits that can be gained.

Cons of HGH Use

Does it Really Work?
Even though the benefits of reduced frailty for elderly and increased energy are expected, they have not completely been proven. Most scientific studies on the benefits of HGH use do not show conclusively that this hormone is beneficial beyond childhood growth deficiencies. This means that the hop HGH can help you to stay more youthful, energized and fit might not actually be a real reality of HGH use. The jury is still out on how effective this hormone really is.

Risk of Cancer
One of the main downsides to using HGH is the risk of cancer. Many studies have shown that the risk of cancer from HGH use is high. This is especially true for elderly patients, which means the benefits that the elderly can gain from using HGH might not be as prominent as first expected. Some patients that use HGH might stop responding to changes in diet, acupuncture and other more natural treatments. This is not ideal.

Not FDA Approved
Another concern is that this hormone is still not approved by the FDA for many uses beyond treating childhood growth conditions. There are a variety of HGH products on the market that are available for sale, but many of them are not considered safe and have not been approved by the FDA. Using any hormone treatment that has not been approved by the FDA is risky. It is always a good idea to talk with your medical professional before you decide to start using HGH. Your doctor can let you know about all the real risks associated with using this hormone.

Is HGH Safe?

HGH is a hormone that is being used to treat the elderly suffering from frail bones, but more questions are being asked about this hormone. As it is starting to be used to treat a variety of conditions, it is important to become familiar with all the pros and cons surrounding this hormone. The question of safety is the major issue concerning this hormone. Many wonder if there are any lasting effects for using it to treat conditions beyond just childhood growth deficiencies. Is your body really meant to have high levels of HGH as you grow older? A definitive opinion about the safety of HGH has not been reached, but more information about the pros and cons of this hormone are becoming known.

Supplement Form
One of the biggest fads involving HGH use is supplementation. More and more people are starting to use HGH as a supplement to help increase energy and fight of f the aging process. Using HGH as a supplement is still not fully recommended by most medical professionals for conditions not related to child growth deficiencies.