5 Major Pros and Cons of Animal Rights

5 Major Pros and Cons of Animal Rights

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There are some topics that are more controversial and more heavily debated then others, animals rights if often one of these topics. Animal rights can be such delicate issue when talking about animal testing or even the humane aspect of zoos. Many people that have an opinion about animal rights are incredibly passionate. This is due to the fact that many see their pets as part of the family and have a difficult time separating animals from humans. Animal rights can be a tricky topic and trying to navigate this issue takes a high awareness and a knowledge of important issues.

The debate involving the rights of animals has caused quite a stir for the last 20 years. It was at this time that activists starting getting involved and petitioning for the rights of animals. The question of what rights animals should have access to and if experiments and testing on animals is ethical has begun to become a part of mainstream discussion. The aspects of animals rights that have been taken into account include animal agony, anguish and ethical views. Determining what is the right way to treat animals is not something that everyone can agree upon.

List of Pros of Animal Rights

1. Inherent Worth of Animals Respected
One of the main beliefs of those that fight for animal rights is the opinion that all animals have inherent worth. This means that humans are not necessarily more important than animals simply because we are higher on the food chain. This value is something that can also be completely separated from the usefulness that people have over animals. Those that believe in the inherent worth of animals do not necessarily think that animals and humans are the same, but that animals should still be respected and protected. It is important to remember that this value for animals is not just simply a philosophy. Animal rights is a social movement that challenges the way society has viewed the animal species for years.

This inherent value that animals have puts an importance on the love, joy, fear and pain that animals of all species can feel. Every animal values their life and animal rights simply help to fight for those animals that don’t have rights in the way that humans do.

2. Removal of Prejudice
Many of those at the forefront of the animal rights movement that it is a prejudice attitude that does not respect the rights of others no matter what species they are. Denying the rights of animals is seen by many to be an act of prejudice that should not be accepted. Making animal rights a priority helps to get rid of some prejudices that once existed. They ask the questions that many don’t think about, including what is the difference between eating a dog or a pig? Animal rights activists argue that dogs and pigs have the same capacity to feel pain and one species should not have a right to life over another.

List of Cons of Animal Rights

1. Where is the Line Drawn?
Many of those opposed to animal rights are not necessarily for the torture of animals, but feel that making the distinction between the rights of animals and humans can get murky if animals are viewed as equal. Those that do not agree with the animal rights movement feel that there needs to be a clear line drawn stipulating that animals do not have the same rights and should not be viewed in the same way that humans are. Failure to make this distinction could lead to a skewed viewpoint.

2. Not Everyone is a Vegetarian
Some feel that the animal rights movement can somewhat impose the views of others on everyone. Since many people are not vegetarians and do not see the harm in eating meat or wearing fur, it is difficult for them to agree with their own rights being imposed on. Giving animals more rights is seen by many to take away some rights from humans.

3. Animal Testing
One of the major cons of animal rights involves the benefits that can be gained from animal testing. Those opposed to strict animal rights feel that great strides can be made in medicine through the use of animal testing, but animal rights movements hinder the ability for these tests to be approved. This means that some medications or treatments can’t be researched or studied most effectively with the use of animals.

In Summary

Animal rights is an issue that will not be agreed upon any time soon. People are incredibly passionate on both sides of the coin. There are both positives and negatives associated with this movement and odds are that the debate will not end any time soon.