5 Key Pros and Cons of a Brazilian Blowout

5 Key Pros and Cons of a Brazilian Blowout

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There are many different new hair treatments that are available in salons for your hair. Just getting your hair colored or cut is no longer all that hair salons can provide. The Brazilian blowout is one of the new hair treatments that is causing quite a lot of buzz and excitement. It has been endorsed by celebrities including Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. Before you decide that this new hair treatment is right for you, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at both the pros and cons of a Brazilian blowout.

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian blowout is not just a traditional blowout designed to dry your hair. It is actually a hair treatment that is meant to add shine and volume to your tresses. It is a hair smoothing treatment that is typically done in a salon by a hair professional. It involves the use of keratin, which is designed to add shine and strength to your hair. This type of hair treatment takes about an hour to complete, but you can see results of a Brazilian blowout for up to 3 months. It is basically a method of relaxing unruly and frizzy hair to make it much more manageable, soft and shiny. If you have a lot of difficulty using a traditional blow dryer or straightener to smooth out your hair, it can be a good idea to get a Brazilian blowout.

Before you schedule a Brazilian blowout at your local hair salon, it might be a good idea to learn more about the pros and cons. It is a hair treatment that can offer a lot of benefits, but there are a few downsides. Once you are fully aware of the good and bad surrounding Brazilian blowouts, you can make a much more informed decision for yourself. The health of your hair would definitely benefit from you learning about the pros and cons of a Brazilian blowout.

Pros of a Brazilian Blowout

1. Great if Your Hair is Difficult to Straighten
If you have one of the unique hair types that is more difficult to straighten, you might benefit from this type of hair treatment. It is an option for women that deal with unmanageable or frizzy hair that is really hard to straighten with just a blow dryer or straightening tool. It does not necessarily straighten your hair completely, but it does give hair a better texture and allows it to be worn in a variety of styles. Removing fizziness and making your hair more manageable is what the Brazilian blowout can offer.

2. Washes Out Over Time
The results of a Brazilian blowout can typically last up to 3 months. However, the way that the Brazilian blowout washes out over time allows you to grow hair without a noticeable line appearing. This means that you will not be able to tell wear the new hair is growing in and where the Brazilian blowout is fading. All of your hair will blend together for a great and natural look. If you are not sure how your hair will look when it grows out, but want to have your hair relaxed it can be a great idea to start with a Brazilian blowout. It is one of the most mild relaxation treatments that can be done on your hair.

3. Only Takes One Hour to Complete
A big advantage to having a Brazilian blowout is the minimal time it takes to complete. Other hair relaxing treatments can take over 3 hours, but the Brazilian blowout is designed to be short. If you have a really busy schedule the Brazilian blowout can be a time saving solution for your unmanageable hair.

Cons of a Brazilian Blowout

1. It Has a High Price
It might only take an hour to complete, but the Brazilian blowout does still come with a pretty high price tag. It costs at least $300.00 to get a Brazilian blowout and could be even more depending on the salon that you choose. You also have to manage your blowout in between styling and have to get it redone every 3 months, which means that your costs only keep adding up.

2. Traces of Formaldehyde Could Put Your Health at Risk
Small traces of formaldehyde have been found in this hair treatment solution, which means that you could potentially be putting your health at risk. Formaldehyde has been linked with some cancers, so you have to use caution when deciding to have a Brazilian blowout. It might not be worth the risk to your health.