5 Crucial Pros and Cons of Stained Concrete Floors

5 Crucial Pros and Cons of Stained Concrete Floors

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If you are looking to renovate your home and add value, new floors can be a great way to go. Flooring is often affordable and easy to install depending on the type that you choose. With so many different flooring options to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming if you are not a flooring connoisseur.

Stained concrete floors are quickly becoming a popular option among homeowners, but do you know everything there is to know about this flooring type? Before you decide if stained concrete floors are the right addition to your home, it might be a good idea to become more familiar with both stained concrete floors pros and cons.

Stained concrete floors are relatively new on the scene, but they are quickly causing a lot of commotion. More and more people are choosing to have stained concrete flooring in their home. By weighing the pros and cons of stained concrete floors against one another, you will be able to come to your own conclusion.

Pros of Stained Concrete Floors

1. Endless Design Possibilities
A major benefit of stained concrete floors are the endless design possibilities that exist. With the variety of different acids that you can use to stain concrete, it is possible to create many different hues. You can even use the acids to create patterns on the concrete. The design and style possibilities using stained concrete floors really are endless, which is not true of most other flooring types.

2. Durable
When it comes to flooring in your home, you are often looking for the most durable flooring types. Concrete stained floors are different than other types and does not involve a coat of paint over the concrete. Concrete stain lasts a long time and can even be further protected using a sealant. This means that stained concrete floors are specifically designed to last and be durable. Many stained concrete floors can even remain intact and undamaged if they become wet. Durability is a huge benefit that can be gained by having stained concrete floors.

3. Allergy Suffering Benefits
For those unfortunate people that suffer from allergies, stained concrete floors can be a great option. You still have a variety of designs and styles to choose from, butt you will not be putting your allergies at risk with concrete. Dirt and debris can make their way into carpets with ease, but stained concrete floors are ideal for people dealing with allergies on a daily basis.

Cons of Stained Concrete Floors

1. Older Concrete is Not Always Cooperative
Not everything surrounding stained concrete floors can be seen as a benefit. Trying to stain older concrete floors is not ideal. Stained concrete floors often work best when you are dealing with newly poured concrete. Older concrete has often already had a sealant applied and will not stain as easily when the acid is applied to the old concrete. If you want to have the best look and design for your concrete floors, it is best that you use only new concrete.

2. Takes Skill to Apply Stain
It is also important to realize that applying acids to your concrete as a stain is not an easy procedure. Not just anyone can create perfectly stained concrete floors. There is some skill that is involved, which means that you need to use professionals to have your concrete stained. Trying to do the staining on your own will only lead to a big mess The downside is that having concrete professionally stained can be quite costly. This is a big investment that you have to make in your home.

What Are Stained Concrete Floors?

Before you delve deeper into the pros and cons of this floor type, it is a good idea to learn what it is exactly. Stained concrete floors are a specific type of concrete that has been treated with acids and coatings. These special acids and coatings are specifically designed for treatment on concrete and alter the color of the flooring surface. This process of staining concrete floors can be done to both old and new concrete floors. Giving concrete a new hue can really add style to just about any space, but it is important to learn if stained concrete floors are ideal in your home.

What Areas in Your Home Have Concrete Flooring?

The areas in your home where stained concrete flooring makes the most sense includes patio areas, basements and other parts of your home where concrete flooring is functional. Not every room in your home is setup to have concrete flooring. For example, concrete flooring in your living space probably would not make the most space or offer high amounts of functionality.