5 Critical Pros and Cons of Beauty Pagents

5 Critical Pros and Cons of Beauty Pagents

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The concept of beauty is something that can take on many forms. In today’s world, beauty pageants are becoming increasingly more common and acceptable at just about any age. However, trying determine if beauty pageants are right for you or your child is not always easy. Beauty pageants have the ability to offer many benefits that you might not have ever considered, but there are a few downsides associated with this type of beauty competition. Before you make a true opinion of beauty pageants in general, it is only fair to weigh the pros against the cons.

What are Beauty Pageants?

Before you start breaking down the benefits of flaws of beauty pageants, it is important to understand what they are exactly. There are a wide variety of beauty pageants and each is different from the rest. Many of them differ based mostly on the age of the contestants, but often they have different categories of competition including talent, swimsuit and evening wear. Contestants in these pageants Re then judges based on their performance by a panel and winners are announced. There are many levels of competition and as you advance the prizes become substantially more appealing and lucrative.

While beauty pageants often get a bad rap for glorifying unhealthy images of beauty in young girls, this is not what pageants are all about.


1. Competition
Not every girl is athletic and interested in competing in sports. However, this does not mean they don’t still have a competitive edge. Competition is healthy for girls of any age and only helps bring out you inner drive. It is invaluable to learn what it takes to work hard for something and see all of your effort pay off. It is also a good lesson to learn that competition doesn’t always leave you standing as the winner. Beauty pageants are extremely competitive and fierce. This means that you might. It always win, but you can learn and experience the thrill of competition by entering beauty pageants.

2. Discipline
You might think that beauty pageants take no effort and are simply about standing around and looking pretty. However, this is not what beauty pageants entail at all. There is so much hard work and preparation that goes into competing. Learning the value of discipline is a huge benefit that can be gained from beauty pageants. The structure that it takes to be successful at this type of competition is very strict. You have to develop healthy eating habits to allow you to maintain a great figure and you have to develop a talent that will impress the judges. You also have to learn to articulate your opinions and show off your personality on stage. It is not easy to compete when the lights go on. Discipline will take you far and it can be learned by competing in pageants.

3. Support
If you have watched one too many reality shows, you might have the impression that beauty pageants are catty and can bring out the worst in both parents and children. However, this is normally not the case. Most parents that get involved in their child’s beauty pageants often develop a bond with their kids that allows for unconditional support. You and your child can bond in a way that you never thought possible. The amount of competition and you have to fight through only makes you appreciate the wins more. The amount of support that can be felt when competing is a huge benefit to beauty pageants.

Even though beauty pageants have their upside, there are a few aspects to this type of competition that not everyone will find appealing.


1. Money
The fact is that competing in beauty pageants is not cheap. It not only costs money to enter pageants, but there are a lot of additional expenses that you have to consider. From the cost of your evening wear and costumes to hair and makeup, it can be downright expensive to show off your beauty. This doesn’t even take into account the cost of a pageant coach or talent props. However, if you do win many times you have the potential to earn funds for college scholarships. This is an investment that has the potential to pay off.

2. Emotional Toll
Not everyone ha get ability to deal with the scrutiny that beauty pageants involve. Being judges d in any way can be difficult for fragile individuals to deal with. For this reason, it is suggested that only children of a certain age compete. The emotional damage that can be done by pageants can have a negative impact on some people. This means that not every type of person is cut out for the world or beauty pageants.