42 Best St. Thomas Aquinas Quotes

42 Best St. Thomas Aquinas Quotes

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Thomas Aquinas was a friar and Catholic priest from the Kingdom of Sicily. He is considered one of the most influential theologians of all time. He is most known for being the father of Thomism, which is the study of natural theology. He died on March 7, 1274 at the age of 49.

“All that I have written seems like straw to me.”

“All the efforts of the human mind cannot exhaust the essence of a single fly.”

“Anything done against faith or conscience is sinful.”

because the human being is directed to God, as to an end that surpasses the grasp of his reason.”

“Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.”

“Beware of the person of one book.”

“By nature all men are equal in liberty, but not in other endowments.”

“Concerning perfect blessedness which consists in a vision of God.”

“Distinctions drawn by the mind are not necessarily equivalent to distinctions in reality.”

“Even as in the blessed in heaven there will be most perfect charity, so in the damned there will be the most perfect hate.”

“Every judgement of conscience, be it right or wrong, be it about things evil in themselves or morally indifferent, is obligatory, in such wise that he who acts against his conscience always

“Everything I have written seems like straw by comparison with what I have seen and what has been revealed to me.”

“For although the will cannot be inwardly moved by any creature, yet it can be moved inwardly by God.”

“For creation is not a change, but that dependence of the created existence on the principle from which it is instituted, and thus is of the genus of relation; whence nothing prohibits it
being in the created as in the subject. Creation is thus said to be a kind of change, according to the way of understanding, insofar as our intellect accepts one and the same thing as not
existing before and afterwards existing.”

“How can we live in harmony? First we need to know we are all madly in love with the same God.”

“If… the motion of the earth were circular, it would be violent and contrary to nature, and could not be eternal, since … nothing violent is eternal …. It follows, therefore, that the
earth is not moved with a circular motion.”

“It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes.”

“Just as it is better to illuminate than merely to shine, so to pass on what one has contemplated is better than merely to contemplate.”

“Justice is in subjects as well as in rulers.”

“Love takes up where knowledge leaves off.”

“Music is the exaltation of the mind derived from things eternal, bursting forth in sound.”

“Natural inclinations are present in things from God, who moves all things. So it is impossible for the natural inclinations of a species to be toward evil in itself. But there is in all
perfect animals a natural inclination toward carnal union. Therefore it is impossible for carnal union to be evil in itself.”

one will observe that all things are arranged according to their degrees of beauty and excellence, and that the nearer they are to God, the more beautiful and better they are.”

“Pray thee, spare, thyself at times: for it becomes a wise man sometimes to relax the high pressure of his attention to work.”

“Reason in man is rather like God in the world.”

“So, to detract from the perfection of creatures is to detract from the perfection of divine power.”

“Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.”

“Temperance is simply a disposition of the mind which binds the passion.”

“The fire of hell is called eternal, only because it never ends. Still, there is change in the pains of the lost…Hence in hell true eternity does not exist, but rather time.”

“The greatness of the human being consists in this: that it is capable of the universe.”

“The highest manifestation of life consists in this: that a being governs its own actions. A thing which is always subject to the direction of another is somewhat of a dead thing.”

“The highest perfection of human life consists in the mind of man being detached from care, for the sake of God.”

“The image of God always abides in the soul, whether this image be obsolete and clouded over as to amount to almost nothing; or whether it be obscured or disfigured, as is the case with
sinners; or whether it be clear and beautiful as is the case with the just.”

“The principal act of courage is to endure and withstand dangers doggedly rather than to attack them.”

“The theologian considers sin mainly as an offence against God; the moral philosopher as contrary to reasonableness.”

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”

“Three things are necessary for the salvation of man: to know what he ought to believe; to know what he ought to desire; and to know what he ought to do.”

“To live well is to work well, to show a good activity.”

“To love is to will the good of the other.”

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

“We ought to cherish the body. Our body’s substance is not from an evil principle, as the Manicheans imagine, but from God. And therefore, we ought to cherish the body by the friendship of
love, by which we love God.”

“Well-ordered self-love is right and natural.”