41 Remarkable Thom Yorke Quotes

41 Remarkable Thom Yorke Quotes

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Thom Yorke is a musician and most known for being the lead singer of the popular band Radiohead. He is a multi instrument player, but sticks with the guitar and piano for majority of the time. Recently, Q magazine named Thom the 6th most powerful figure in music.

“If you wanted to be entertained, go and see Hanson. ”

“The others were all brought up to be polite, I wasn’t. ”

“I’m not afraid of computers taking over the world. They’re just sitting there. I can hit them with a two-by-four. ”

“I agree with whoever said Spice Girls are soft port. They’re the antichrist. ”

“I would rather die then let my kids eat cup a soup. ”

“I don’t like old friends talking to me like I’m a pop star, cos it makes me feel like I’m becoming two-dimensional. ”

“If you’re bored of the songs, you’re bored of the songs. There’s not much you can do. ”

“I’m not taking things quite so seriously as before. Especially myself. ”

“Whenever I meet a beauty, I escape or hide in the corner. ”

“I’d like to run for president. Or Prime Minister. I think I could do a better job. ”

“As long as Cameron doesn’t use it for his election campaigns, I don’t care. I’d sue the living shit out of him if he did. ”

“It will be only a matter of time before the music business establishment completely folds. ”

“You will never make friends unless you like everyone genuinely. Oh well, I’m fucked aren’t I?”

“Being in a band turns you into a child and keeps you there. ”

“They didn’t let us play at the Grammy awards cause they thought we wern’t good for the ratings. We were so happy man…”

“I got into the music business thinking it was really radical, that it wasn’t really a business at all, that it was a lot of people being artistic and creative. Not true, and it made me very
depressed. ”

“The thing I remember most about America is that it’s silly. That can be quite a relief sometimes. ”

“A competition between me and Johnny to get as many chords as possible into a song. ”

“I have this thing about my own voice on record. No matter what I sing, it sounds really serious, and I sound self loathing or whatever, which was just driving me nuts because that’s not
what I was writing. ”

“Every move you make has already been done, and taken the piss out of. ”

“Us on hard drugs? That would be horrible. We’d probably end up sounding like Bryan Adams. ”

“If the media spotlight affects my work or represses what I want to say in the future, then it is bad. ”

“People sometimes say we take things too seriously, but it’s the only way you’ll get anywhere. ”

“The second album is going to be much better than the first. ”

“Could you turn the lights on so we can see the people? ”

“I cannot get my head around the fact that it’s number one in America at all. It just doesn’t mean anything. It’s just la la. ”

“Aim for the stars and even if you don’t reach them you’ll land on the moon. Also you’re really ugly. ”

“Metaphorically I am made of chairs. It’s a metaphor though. That means I am not actually made of the chairs. ”

“Are you feeling lucky? Cause I’m on a roll. ”

“You ate my pet escargot, you asshole!”

“Like a fat raccoon rummaging through the garbage, that how I eat. Like a f–king fat raccoon. ”

“I wear my pants on my upper torso to be abstract and different.”

“What the hell do you mean cats don’t lay eggs?! Then what the hell did I just eat?!”

“Yes I know Radiohead came before Chris Martin, you think I’m a fucking idiot?”

“One person can’t change the world. But Thom Yorke can, because he’s two people. Both of them are Thom Yorke. ”

“Thomyorkland. It’s my amusement park. What the fuck do you want?”

“The hardest part about being in Radiohead is listening to my own music. ”

“Can you imagine a world in which the letter O does not exist? My name would be Thm Yrke. Think about that. ”

“I’m actually an athiest. That’s kind of deep you must admit. ”

“The society is, a dishwasher, where all the water is dead chipmunk blood. God I’m brilliant. ”

“And then everyone died, their souls pulverized in the giant blender that is life. ”