40 Most Famous Keith Richards Quotes

40 Most Famous Keith Richards Quotes

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Keith Richards is a singer, songwriter, and musician from Kent, England. He was one of the original members of the world famous rock band the Rolling Stones. 14 of the songs he wrote for the band landed on Rolling Stone magazine’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list. He still travels and performs his legendary riffs on his guitar all over the world.

“A familiar Gusism was to greet a friend with ‘Hello, don’t be a cunt all your life.”

“But I’ve always felt very comfortable on stage, even if I screw up. It always felt like a dog, this is my turf, piss around it. While I’m here, nothing else can happen. All I can do is screw up. Otherwise, have a good time.”

“But I’m not here just to make records and money. I’m here to say something and to touch other people, sometimes in a cry of desperation: “Do you know this feeling?”

“Everybody’s got a different way of telling a story – and has different stories to tell.”

“Everything they’d been brought up not to do, they could do at a rock-and-roll show.”

“I am not doing it just for the money or for you.I am doing it for me.”

“I can sustain the impetus over the long tours we do is by feeding off the energy that we get back from an audience. That’s my fuel. All i’ve got is this burning energy, especially when i’ve got a guitar in my hands.”

“I don’t regret nuthin.”

“I like it here in Austin. Anybody got a room?”

“I look for ambiguity when I’m writing because life is ambiguous.”

“I looked upon myself, in a sort of romantic and silly way, as like a laboratory.”

“I mean some doctor told me I had six months to live and I went to their funeral.”

“I only get ill when I give up drugs.”

“I’m not doing it just for the money or for you. I’m doing it for me.”

“I’d play whenever I could get my hands on an electric guitar; I was trying to pick up rock’n'roll riffs and electric blues-the latest Muddy Waters. I’d spend hours and hours on the same track, back again, and back again.”

“If you don’t know the blues… there’s no point in picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music.”

“If you say I’m great, thank you very much. But I know what I am. I could be better, man, you know?”

“If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet.”

“I’m all for a quiet life. I just didn’t get one.”

“It’s great to be here. It’s great to be anywhere.”

“It’s really good to be here and as I always say, it’s really good to be anywhere!”

“I’ve never had a problem with drugs. I’ve had problems with the police.”

“I’ve never had inner turmoil about all this. You find a lot of people these days who cannot stand to be alone. You could lock me up in solitary for weeks on end, and I’d keep myself amused.”

“One of the great things about songwrighting; it’s not an intellectual experience.”

“Rock and roll ain’t nothing but jazz with a hard backbeat.”

“Some people think I’m a mythical genius, others think I’m a junkie madman.”

“The addiction was all about looking for oblivion, for forgetting, the contortions we go through just enough to be ourselves for a few hours.”

“The big rules of knife fighting are (a) do not try it at home, and (b) the whole point is never, ever use the blade. It is there to distract your opponent. While he stares at the gleaming steel, you kick his balls to kingdom come–he’s all yours. Just a tip!”

“The idea of retiring is like killing yourself. It’s almost like Hari Kari. I intend to live to a 100 and go down in history.”

“The only things Mick and I disagree about is the band, the music and what we do.”

“The thing about being a songwriter is, even if you’ve been fucked over, you can find consolation in writing about it, and pour it out. Everything has something to do with something; nothing is divorced…Basically Linda is “Ruby Tuesday.”

“This morning on Dartford station a guy I knew at primary school came up to me. He’s got every record Chuck Berry made. He is called Mick Jagger.”

“To make a rock’n'roll record, technology is the least important thing.”

“To me, my biggest fear is getting a big head, and that is when I get the hammer. Because it’s very easy in this game to believe you’re something special.”

“To write a song that is remembered and taken to heart,” Richards notes, “is a connection, a touching of bases. A thread that runs through all of us. A stab to the heart.” Keith Richards from his autobiography.”

“We age not by holding on to youth, but by letting ourselves grow and embracing whatever youthful parts remain.”

“What interested me about Chuck Berry was the way he could step out of the rhythm part with such ease, throwing in a nice, simple riff, and then drop straight into the feel of it again. We used to play a lot more rhythm stuff. We’d do away with the differences between lead and rhythm guitar. You can’t go into a shop and ask for a “lead guitar”. You’re a guitar player, and you play a guitar.”

“Yes, I’ve been trepanned. That’s quite an interesting experience, especially for my brain surgeon, who saw my thoughts flying around in my brain.”

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you really need something, you usually find it.”

“You’ve got the sun, you’ve got the moon, and you’ve got the Rolling Stones.”