4 Key Pros and Cons of Global Warming

4 Key Pros and Cons of Global Warming

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Global warming is a very relevant, but also controversial topic. People have very strong opinions about global warming and how it effects the world we live in. It is difficult to argue that global warming is not happening right now. Global warming is the explanation for the rising temperatures of the earth’s atmosphere. This rise in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere has been taking place in small increments since the Ice Age. Not only is the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere rising due to global warming, but also oceans and the crust of the earth. Global warming is the term that is used to explain this phenomenon and what is attributed to the condition that the earth is in now.

What Are Some of the Effects of Global Warming?

Before we delve deeper into the pros and cons of global warming, it is important to have an understanding of how global warming is effecting the earth. The seal levels are drastically changing as a result of global warming. This means that they are on the rise due to the melting of polar ice caps. The ice caps have been melting overtime due to the increased temperatures caused by the phenomenon of global warming. Other effects that can be attributed to this rise in temperature include a small difference in the earth’s orbit around the sun, the eruption of some volcanoes, flooding and greenhouse gasses being diffused at high rates.

The effects of global warming have been debated and analyzed at great lengths for many years as the signs of this phenomenon continue to grow and become more apparent. Simply ignoring the effects of global warming is no longer possible. It is real and happening to the earth right now. The time has come to take a closer look at global warming and see what the pros and cons really are.

You might be shocked to find out that not everything surrounding global warming is negative. There are a few positives that can be pointed out. The increase in heat leads to ensuring green growth and helping to maintain normal temperatures. Global warming has two sides that are greatly debated as looked at below.


Balanced Climate
It might be hard to comprehend, but the rising temperatures of global warming actually help to create climatic balance. This means that parts of the world that were once frozen are starting to become much warmer. Finally there will be some balance in extreme temperatures in the climate. Having proper balance of cold and warmth is important, because it allows all ecosystems to sustain and survive longer. This means that plant growth is ensured, which is a huge benefit. The regions of the world that have experienced a more balance in temperature include Siberia and Arctic zones.

Increase in Plant Life
As global warming levels continue to be on the rise, plant growth is also increasing as a result. It is a fact that most plants require a certain amount of heat produced by the sun. This helps plants to grow more effectively and also leads to more balanced ecosystems. If there was no plant life, this would lead to less oxygen in the atmosphere, which would cause life to be negatively impacted. Plants also require carbon dioxide to allow increase growth. Without an increase in plant life, this could lead to a decrease in human life. For this reason, global warming is key.


Rise in Greenhouse Gases
Even though there are a few pros that global warming yields, not everything about it is good for the environment. The greenhouse gases that are emitted at higher rates include carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and nitrous oxide. These gases can be incredibly dangerous and harmful to humans and plants. The burning and consumption of fossil fuels is what is leading to the increased presence of these gases. The hole that is becoming noticeable in the ozone is due to these greenhouse gases caused by global warming. More acid rains per year and the contamination of the earth’s atmosphere are also negative results.

One of the biggest downsides to global warming is the reality of extinction. The fact is that as temperatures continue to change in typically cold regions of the world some animals are becoming extinct. Extreme winter conditions will eventually be no more and this could lead to the extinction of polar bears, penguins and other species that require extreme winter conditions to survive. Global warming issues have a cause and effect relationship that you must unravel to see the true negatives and positives.