37 Incredible Albert Pike Quotes

37 Incredible Albert Pike Quotes

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Albert Pike was a Confederate officer, Freemason, and attorney from Boston. He joined the Regiment of Arkansas Mounted Volunteers as soon as the Mexican-American War started and fought in the Battle of Buena Vista. After returning from war he wrote a renowned book, Maxims of the Roman Law and Some of the Ancient French Law. He died in 1891 at the age of 81.

“A good man will find that there is goodness in the world; an honest man will find that there is honesty in the world; and a man of principle will find principle and integrity in the hearts
of others.”

“A Human Thought is an actual EXISTENCE, and a Force and Power, capable of acting upon and controlling matter as well as mind.”

“A war for a great principle ennobles a nation. A war for commercial supremacy, upon some shallow pretext, is despicable, and more than aught else demonstrates to what immeasurable depths of baseness men and nations can descend.”

“Above all things let us never forget that mankind constitutes one great brotherhood; all born to encounter suffering and sorrow, and therefore bound to sympathize with each other.”

“All religious expression is symbolism.”

“All works for all.”

“Faith begins where Reason sinks exhausted.”

“For it is true now, as it always was and always will be, that to be free is the same thing as to be pious, to be wise, to be temperate and just, to be frugal and abstinent, and to be magnanimous and brave; and to be the opposite of all these is the same as to be a slave.”

“Force, unregulated or ill-regulated, is not only wasted in the void, like that of gunpowder burned in the open air, and steam unconfined by science; but, striking in the dark, and its blows meeting only the air, they recoil, and bruise itself.”

“Genuine work alone, done faithfully, is eternal, even as the Almighty Founder and Worldbuilder Himself.”

“Hypocrisy is the homage that vice and wrong pay to virtue and justice.”

“If the effort also is predestined, it is not the less our effort, made of our free will.”

“Justice is peculiarly indispensable to nations.”

“Less glory is more liberty. When the drum is silent, reason sometimes speaks.”

“Let no Fellow-Craft imagine that the work of the lowly and uninfluential is not worth the doing.”

“Man is encompassed with a dome of incomprehensible wonders. In him and about him is that which should fill his life with majesty and sacredness. Something of sublimity and sanctity has thus flashed down from heaven into the heart of every one that lives.”

“Man is not to be comprehended as a starting-point, or progress as a goal, without those two great forces, Faith and Love.”

“Phenomena are constantly folded back upon themselves.”

“Prayer is sublime.”

“Reverence for greatness dies out, and is succeeded by base envy of greatness.”

“Spirit is — spirit.”

“That which we do for ourselves dies with us … that which we do for others lives forever.”

“That which we say and do, if its effects last not beyond our lives, is unimportant.”

“The common right is nothing more or less than the protection of all, pouring its rays on each. This protection of each by all, is Fraternity.”

“The freest people, like the freest man, is always in danger of re-lapsing into servitude. Wars are almost always fatal to Republics. They create tyrants, and consolidate their power.”

“The unconsidered act of the poorest of men may fire the train that leads to the subterranean mine, and an empire be rent by the explosion.”

“The Word of God is the universal and invisible Light, cognizable by the senses, that emits its blaze in the Sun, Moon, Planets, and other Stars.”

“The word well spoken, the deed fitly done, even by the feeblest or humblest, cannot help but have their effect. More or less, the effect is inevitable and eternal.”

“There are greater and better things in us all, than the world takes account of, or than we take note of; if we would but find them out.”

“There are no temptations from which assailed virtue may not gain strength, instead of falling before them, vanquished and subdued.”

“Though Masonry neither usurps the place of, nor apes religion, prayer is an essential part of our ceremonies.”

“We avoid sensuousness, only by resorting to simple negation. We come at last to define spirit by saying that it is not matter.”

“We do not see and estimate the relative importance of objects so easily and clearly from the level or the waving land as from the elevation of a lone peak, towering above the plain; for each looks through his own mist.”

“We live our little life; but Heaven is above us and all around and close to us; and Eternity is before us and behind us; and suns and stars are silent witnesses and watchers over us. We are enfolded by Infinity.”

“We must pass through the darkness, to reach the light.”

“Work only can keep even kings respectable.”

“You are to be frank and sincere in all things.”