36 Greatest Lana Del Rey Quotes

36 Greatest Lana Del Rey Quotes

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Elizabeth Grant, better known as her stage name Lana Del Rey, is a singer from New York City. She began her career at the young age of 18 years old when she signed her recording contract with 5 Points Records. She gained fame with the debut of her first album, Lana Del Rey. Her second album, Born to Die, debuted in the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200. She continues to write and draw inspiration from her self proclaimed influences, Janis Joplin, Eminem, and Elvis Presley.

“A lot of the reason my look is the way it is, is because it’s really easy to put on a sundress every night if I
have to perform – or just wear jeans every day and a flannel or something.”

“A lot of the time when I write about the person that I love, I feel like I’m writing about New York.”

“Be young, be dope, and be proud.”

“Boy, you’re so dope, your love is deadly.”

“Does she know I’m tattooed onto your heart?”

“Have you created a life for yourself where you’re free to experience them? I have.”

“Having a simple career as a musician who liked music was good enough for me.”

“I am tired of feeling like I’m fucking crazy.”

“I believe nothing happens by mistake. You know, the universe has a divine plan. That sounds dramatic.”

“I have a personal ambition to live my life honestly and honor the true love that I’ve had and also the people
“I’ve had around me. I want to stay hopeful, even though I get scared about why we’re even alive at all.”

“I knew I wanted to do something creative. I didn’t think I’d have the luxury of doing something like that,
because I didn’t know anyone who had pursued anything they really adored, but I had dreams for singing or

“I know if I go, I’ll die happy tonight.”

“I love you just a little too much.”

“I pretend I’m not hurt, I walk about the world like I’m having fun. ”

“I wanna be that fantasy that you got on your mind.”

“I wanted a name I could shape the music towards. I was going to Miami quite a lot at the time, speaking a lot of
“Spanish with my friends from Cuba – ‘Lana Del Rey’ reminded us of the glamour of the seaside. It sounded
gorgeous coming off the tip of the tongue.”

“I write my own songs. I made my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It’s
all authentic.”

“If you consider the definition of authenticity, it’s saying something and actually doing it. I write my own
songs. I made my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It’s all authentic.”

“I’m finally happy, now that you’re gone.”

“I’m like a child who belongs to nobody.”

“I’m personally more struck by visual things more than musical.”

“In New York I pretty much live in diners – I order French Fries, Diet Coke floats and lots of coffee.”

“In the land of God’s and Monsters, I was an angel looking to get f–ked hard.”

“I’ve been reading tabloids since I was nine. I love a good story.”

“Me and God we don’t get along.”

“My dancing is Hawaiian-inspired but I also get a little fresh when it comes to my faster songs.”

“Need you baby, like I breathe you, baby.”

“People are really talkative in New York. Someone always comes up to me and says ‘Hi’ during the day.”

“Red, white, blue is in the skies. Summer’s in the air and, baby, heaven’s in your eyes.”

“There’s backlash about everything I do.”

“They say that the world was built for two, only worth living is somebody is loving you.”

“We were just teenagers when we fell in love. Driving in your fast car, looking at the starts above.”

“When I found somebody who I fell in love with, it made me feel different than I felt the rest of the day. It was
electrifying. That’s what inspired the ‘Off to the Races’ melodies. That’s one of the times when you’re feeling
electrified by someone else and they make you happy to be alive.”

“When I got to New York City when I was 18, I started playing in clubs in Brooklyn – I have good friends and
devoted fans on the underground scene, but we were playing for each other at that point – and that was it.”

“When I was young I felt really overwhelmed and confused by the desire not to end up in an office, doing
something I didn’t believe in.”

“When I’m in your arms, feels like I have it all. ”