36 Best Sylvia Plath Quotes

36 Best Sylvia Plath Quotes

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Sylvia Plath was an author and poet from Boston, Massachusetts. She studied on the University of Cambridge and graduated with a degree in English. Her writings were centered very much on her battle with depression. Some of her most notable works include The Bell Jar and Ariel. She lost her battle when she committed suicide on February 11, 1963 at the young age of 30.

“But life is long. And it is the long run that balances the short flare of interest and passion.”

“Can you understand? Someone, somewhere, can you understand me a little, love me a little? For all my despair, for all my ideals, for all that – I love life. But it is hard, and I have so
much – so very much to learn.”

“Don’t talk to me about the world needing cheerful stuff! What the person out of Belsen — physical or psychological — wants is nobody saying the birdies still go tweet-tweet, but the full
knowledge that somebody else has been there and knows the worst, just what it is like.”

“Dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real. I guess you could say I’ve a call.”

“Frustrated? Yes. Why? Because it is impossible for me to be God — or the universal woman-and-man — or anything much. I am what I feel and think and do. I want to express my being as fully
as I can because I somewhere picked up the idea that I could justify my being alive that way.”

“I am terrified by this dark thing”

“I am too pure for you or anyone.”

“I desire the things which will destroy me in the end.”

“I felt very still and empty, the way the eye of a tornado must feel, moving dully along in the middle of the surrounding hullabaloo.”

“I like people too much or not at all. I’ve got to go down deep, to fall into people, to really know them.”

“I never feel so much myself as when I’m in a hot bath.”

“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.”

“If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I’m neurotic as hell. I’ll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for
the rest of my days.”

“If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.”

“It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs, and I didn’t know what I was doing in New York.”

“Me and you.”

“Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.”

“Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.”

“The bell jar hung, suspended, a few feet above my head. I was open to the circulating air.”

“The one thing I was good at was winning scholarships and prizes, and that era was coming to an end.”

“The sheets grow heavy as a lecher’s kiss.”

“The trees of the mind are black. The light is blue.”

“Then he just stood there in front of me and I kept on staring at him. The only thing I could think of was turkey neck and turkey gizzards and I felt very depressed.”

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”

“There ought, I thought, to be a ritual for being born twice – patched, retreaded and approved for the road.”

“These hills are too green and sweet to have tasted salt.”

“These poems do not live: it’s a sad diagnosis.”

“They understood things of the spirit in Japan. They disemboweled themselves when anything went wrong.”

“This is the light of the mind, cold and planetary.”

“To the person in the bell jar, blank and stopped as a dead baby, the world itself is the bad dream.”

“We should meet in another life, we should meet in air,”

“What a man is is an arrow into the future and what a woman is is the place the arrow shoots off from.”

“What did my fingers do before they held him?”

“What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age.”

“Widow. The word consumes itself.”

“With me, the present is forever, and forever is always shifting, flowing, melting. This second is life. And when it is gone it is dead. But you can’t start over with each new second. You
have to judge by what is dead. It’s like quicksand… hopeless from the start.”