31 Incredible Bill Parcells Quotes

31 Incredible Bill Parcells Quotes

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Duane Charles “Bill” Parcells is a retired NFL and collegiate football coach. Bill himself was a player in high school and was offered a contract with Phillies but denied due to his father’s deep disapproval of sport careers. He coached for many NFL teams before retiring in 2010 with the Miami Dolphins.

“All you have to do is play better than the other guy and things go well. If you don’t play better than the other players then somebody takes your place. Now a lot of guys, in this day and time with the transient nature of the sport, as soon as the competition gets too good, they want out.”

“Anybody who watched football last year knows they’re good. But that represents a very good opportunity for us. It really does. I think somehow, if we’re able to pull that off, I think it will go a long way for our confidence. I look at it as a great opportunity, and hopefully we’ll be at our best when we get there.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just a bunch of guys with an odd-shaped ball.”

“He’s doing very well, … I haven’t played him much, because I know what Aaron can do. When he goes into a game, he’s very efficient.”

“I am demanding.”

“I can’t live my life worrying about something that might never happen.”

“I don’t do many endorsements. I’d rather get doused by Gatorade than bust my butt selling it.”

“I had an Italian mother. She didn’t view what I was doing as really a profession. She viewed it as recreation. I said, “Gee Mom, I’m going to be the head coach of the New York Giants.” And she said to me, “When are you going to get a real job like your brother the banker?”

“I see a little progress, … So as long as I keep seeing that, then I’m willing to give him everything I’ve got.”

“I think confrontation is healthy, because it clears the air very quickly.”

“I think he’s got good potential, but he needs a lot of work.”

“If I have affected someone in a positive way, that means a lot to me.”

“I’ll call somebody ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ if they make a dumb or stupid play. I don’t know any other word for it, and if they don’t like the word, that’s too bad.”

“I’m glad we were able to win this last one. I saw some good things tonight, … It’s just preseason, but we ran the ball good. I’m happy about that, and the first-team offense was pretty sharp.”

“I’m not really in the excuse business.”

“I’ve been around enough to know what it takes to get a team to reach its potential, and I want players who want to reach their potential.
Knowledge is confidence. And confidence lets you play fast.”

“Look, coaching is about human interaction and trying to know your players. Any coach would tell you that. I’m no different.”

“No matter how much you’ve won, no matter how many games, no matter how many championships, no matter how many Super Bowls, you’re not winning now, so you stink.”

“So if the players trust the coach, it’s not a problem. If the players don’t trust the coach, it is a problem, and vice versa.”

“Some guys are just very, very interested in their sport and their predecessors. I know I was a guy like that when I was a young coach. I wanted to know about George Halas, I wanted to know about Jim Lee Howell, guys you don’t even know. I wanted to know what they were like. So I read whatever I could get my hands on.”

“Something goes wrong, I yell at them -’Fix it’- whether it’s their fault or not. You can only really yell at the players you trust.”

“Success is never final, but failure can be.”

“There are two things in New York, euphoria and disaster.”

“There is winning and there is misery.”

“There will be changes here, there’s no doubt about that.”

“We’ve given up three big plays already this year, … You’re always concerned about that. That’s something we need to get fixed.”

“When you don’t know that you don’t know, it’s a lot different than when you do know that you don’t know.”

“You are what you are.”

“You ask yourself, ‘What do you want your legacy to be?’ I’m content at this point to say, ‘Those who follow me.’ Romeo Crennel, Bill Belichick, Sean Payton, to name a few. I think I’ve got a pretty good group, so far.”

“You don’t get any medal for trying something, you get medals for results.”