31 Best Stokely Carmichael Quotes

31 Best Stokely Carmichael Quotes

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Kwame Ture, better known as Stokely Carmichael, was a well known activist during the 1960′s Civil Rights Movement. His prominence was due to his work with the Black Power movements, and eventually became the “Honorary Prime Minister” of the Black Panther Party. He was arrested so many times for his activism that he could only estimate the amount, which was at least 29. In 1996 Carmichael was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which eventually killed him on November 15, 1998 at the age of 57.

“A man is born free.”

“And they’re gonna have the nerve to call me a racist!”

“Before a group can enter the open society, it must first close ranks.”

“Black power can be clearly defined for those who do not attach the fears of white America to their questions about it.”

“Dr. King’s policy was that nonviolence would achieve the gains for black people in the United States. His major assumption was that if you are nonviolent, if you suffer, your opponent will see your suffering and will be moved to change his heart. That’s very good. He only made one fallacious assumption: In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent must have a conscience. The United States has none.”

“Go home and tell your daughters they are beautiful.”

“I also know that while I am black I am a human being, and therefore I have the right to go into any public place. White people didn’t know that.Every time I tried to go into a place they stopped me.”

“I knew that I could vote and that that wasn’t a privilege; it was my right. Every time I tried I was shot, killed or jailed, beaten or economically deprived.”

“I usually say I did the best I could with what I had. I have no major regrets.”

“In a sense, I blame ourselves – together with the mass media – for what has happened in Watts, Harlem, Chicago, Cleveland, Omaha.”

“In order for non-violence to work, your opponent must have a conscience.”

“It is a call for black people in this country to unite, to recognize their heritage, to build a sense of community. It is a call for black people to define their own goals.”

“Leaders in Africa are so corrupt that we are certain if we put dogs in uniforms and put guns on their shoulders, we’d be hard put to distinguish them.”

“No man can given anybody his freedom.”

“Now we maintain that we cannot be afford to be concerned about 6 percent of the children in this country, black children, who you allow to come into white schools. We have 94 percent who still live in shacks. We are going to be concerned about those 94 percent.”

“Now, then, in order to understand white supremacy we must dismiss the fallacious notion that white people can give anybody their freedom.”

“Our grandfathers had to run, run, run. My generation’s out of breath.We ain’t running no more.”

“Seems to me that the institutions that function in this country are clearly racist, and that they’re built upon racism.”

“The death of Che Guevara places a responsibility on all revolutionaries of the World to redouble their decision to fight on to the final defeat of Imperialism. That is why in essence Che Guevara is not dead, his ideas are with us.”

“The first need of a free people is to define their own terms.”

“The knowledge I have now is not the knowledge I had then.”

“The masses don’t shed their blood for the benefit of a few individuals.”

“The philosophers Camus and Sartre raise the question whether or not a man can condemn himself.”

“The secret of life is to have no fear; it’s the only way to function.”

“The time for running has come to an end. You tell them white folk in Mississippi that all the scared niggers are dead!”

“There has been only a civil rights movement, whose tone of voice was adapted to an audience of liberal whites.”

“There is a higher law than the law of government. That’s the law of conscience.”

“We are revolutionaries.”

“We had no more courage than Harriet Tubman or Marcus Garvey had in their times. We just had a more vulnerable enemy.”

“We wanted to say that this is a student conference, as it should be, held on a campus, and that we’re not ever to be caught up in the intellectual masturbation of the question of Black Power.”

“You see that honky McNamara on television? He ain’t nothing but a racist. He says, “Yes, we are going to draft thirty percent of the Negroes in the Army. This is where they can have equal opportunity. Yeah. Yes… yes it’s true that they are only ten percent of the population, but this is a better chance for them.” When that honky talk about drafting thirty percent black people, he’s talking about black urban removal—nothing else.”