30 Most Famous Shirley Chisholm Quotes

30 Most Famous Shirley Chisholm Quotes

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Sherry Chisholm was a congresswoman for New York. She was also an educator and an author. Her most notable venture was when she ran for President of The United States in 1968, she was the first woman and first african american to run for the position. She died in 2005 from a series of strokes.

“All we want is what you want, no less and no more.”

“Take away an accident of pigmentation of a thin layer of our outer skin and there is no difference between me and anyone else. All we want is for that trivial difference to make no difference. What can I say to a man who asks that?”

“All I can do is try to explain to him why he asks the question. You have looked at us for years as different from you that you may never see us really. You don’t understand because you think of us as second-class humans. We have been passive and accommodating through so many years of your insults and delays that you think the way things used to be is normal. When the good-natured, spiritual-singing boys and girls rise up against the white man and demand to be treated like he is, you are bewildered.”

“At present, our country needs women’s idealism and determination, perhaps more in politics than anywhere else.”

“Be as bold as the first man or [woman] to eat an oyster.”

“Congress seems drugged and inert most of the time… its idea of meeting a problem is to hold hearings or, in extreme cases, to appoint a commission.”

“I am and always will be a catalyst for change.”

“I am not antiwhite, because I understand that white people, like black ones, are victims of a racist society. They are products of their time and place.”

“I don’t measure America by its achievement but by its potential.”

“In the end antiblack, antifemale, and all forms of discrimination are equivalent to the same thing – antihumanism.”

“It is not heroin or cocaine that makes one an addict, it is the need to escape from a harsh reality. There are more television addicts, more baseball and football addicts, more movie addicts, and certainly more alcohol addicts in this country than there are narcotics addicts.”

“I’ve always met more discrimination being a woman than being black.”

“My God, what do we want? What does any human being want?”

“My greatest political asset, which professional politicians fear, is my mouth, out of which come all kinds of things one shouldn’t always discuss for reasons of political expediency.”

“Of my two handicaps, being female put many more obstacles in my path than being black.”

“Racism is so universal in this country, so widespread, and deep-seated, that it is invisible because it is so normal.”

“Rhetoric never won a revolution yet.”

“Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.”

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

“The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: It’s a girl.”

“The liberals in the House strongly resemble liberals I have known through the last two decades in the civil rights conflict. When it comes time to show on which side they will be counted, they excuse themselves.”

“The one thing you’ve got going: your one vote.”

“There is little place in the political scheme of things for an independent, creative personality, for a fighter. Anyone who takes that role must pay a price.”

“To label family planning and legal abortion programs “genocide” is male rhetoric, for male ears.”

“Tremendous amounts of talent are lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt.”

“We Americans have a chance to become someday a nation in which all racial stocks and classes can exist in their own selfhoods, but meet on a basis of respect and equality and live together, socially, economically, and politically.”

“When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses.”

“Which is more like genocide, I have asked some of my black brothers — this, the way things are, or the conditions I am fighting for in which the full range of family planning services is available to women of all classes and colors, starting with effective contraception and extending to safe, legal terminations of undesired pregnancies at a price they can afford?”

“Women know, and so do many men, that two or three children who are wanted, prepared for, reared amid love and stability, and educated to the limit of their ability will mean more for the future of the black and brown races from which they come than any number of neglected, hungry, ill-housed and ill-clothed youngsters. Pride in one’s race, as will simple humanity, supports
this view.”

“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”