29 Most Famous Erwin Rommel Quotes

29 Most Famous Erwin Rommel Quotes

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Erwin Rommel was a war officer from World War I. He was highly decorated and respected. When World War II began he was a large part of the anti Hitler conspiracy. When world got to Hitler he sent two soldiers to Rommel’s house and offered him the choice of facing the People’s court in Germany or committing suicide. Rommel died after taking a cyanide pill in 1944 at the age of 52.

“Be an example to your men, in your duty and in private life. Never spare yourself, and let the troops see that you don’tin your endurance of fatigue and privation. always be tactful and
well-mannered and teach your subordinates to do the same. Avoid excessive sharpness or harshness of voice, which usually indicates the man who has shortcomings of his own to hide.”

“Courage which goes against military expediency is stupidity, or, if it is insisted upon by a commander, irresponsibility.”

“For me, soldiers are all equal. Those black people wore your same uniform, fought on your side, and so you will be in the same jail.”

“For the Allies and Germany it will be the longest day. The longest day.”

“Gentlemen, you have fought like lions and been led by donkeys.”

“Good soldiers, bad officers; but remember that without them we wouldn’t have civilization.”

“I didn’t die nor win.”

“I would be rather more happy had he given me one more division.”

“I would rather be the hammer than the anvil.”

“If I had to take hell, I would use the Australians to take it and the New Zealanders to hold it.”

“In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine.”

“In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it.”

“In view of my services in Africa, I have the chance of dying by poison. Two generals have brought it with them. It is fatal in three seconds. If I take the poison, none of the usual steps
will be taken against my family; that is, against you. They will also leave my staff alone.”

“It is often possible to decide the issue of a battle merely by making an unexpected shift of one’s main weight.”

“Men are basically smart or dumb and lazy or ambitious. The dumb and ambitious ones are dangerous and I get rid of them. The dumb and lazy ones I give mundane duties. The smart ambitious ones I put on my staff. The smart and lazy ones I make my commanders.”

“Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas.”

“No plan survives contact with the enemy.”

“One must not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier: otherwise we should have no civilization.”

“Sturm, Swung, Wucht.”

“Sweat saves blood.”

“The future battle on the ground will be preceded by battle in the air. This will determine which of the contestants has to suffer operational and tactical disadvantages and be forced throughout the battle into adoption compromise solutions.”

“The German soldier has impressed the world, however the Italian Bersagliere soldier has impressed the German soldier.”

“The Italian command was, for the most part, not equal to the task of caring on war in the desert, where the requirement was lightning decision followed by immediate action. The training of
the Italian infantryman fell far short of the standard required by modern warfare. … Particularly harmful was the all pervading differentiation between officer and man.”

“The organization of supplies, the command of men, anything in any way constructive requires more than intellect; it requires energy and drive and an unrelenting will to serve the cause, regardless of one’s personal interests.”

“There are always times where the place of a commander isn’t back with his Major State, but onward with his troops.”

“War without Hate.”

“We had to wait until the Patton Army in France to see the most astonishing achievements in mobile warfare.”

“When there’s no clear option, it’s better to do nothing.”

“Winning the men’s confidence requires much of a commander. He must exercise care and caution, look after his men, live under the same hardships, and—above all— apply self discipline. But once he has their confidence, his men will follow him through hell and high water.”