29 Incredible Mao Zedong Quotes

29 Incredible Mao Zedong Quotes

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Mao Zedong, also known as Chairman Mao, was a Communist revolutionary from China. He is most known for founding the People’s Republic of China as well as leading the Communist Party of China all the way from its creation to his own death. His version of Marxist theories are now referred to as Maoism. He died September 9, 1976.

“All reactionaries are paper tigers. In appearance, the reactionaries are terrifying, but in reality they are not so powerful. From a long-term point of view, it is not the reactionaries but
the people who are really powerful.”

“An army without culture is a dull-witted army, and a dull-witted army cannot defeat the enemy.”

“Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win victory.”

“Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

“I am hated by many, especially comrade Pang Dehuai, his hatred is so intense that he wished me dead. My policy with Pang Dehuai is such: You don’t touch me, I don’t touch you; You touch me,
I touch you. Even though we were once like brothers, it doesn’t change a thing.”

“I have witnessed the tremendous energy of the masses. On this foundation it is possible to accomplish any task whatsoever.”

“I voted for you during your last election.”

“In waking a tiger, use a long stick.”

“Let a hundred flowers bloom.”

“Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting the progress of the arts and the sciences and a flourishing culture in our land.”

“Long distance running is particularly good training in perseverance. ”

“Many people think it impossible for guerrillas to exist for long in the enemy’s rear. Such a belief reveals lack of comprehension of the relationship that should exist between the people
and the troops. The former may be likened to water the latter to the fish who inhabit it. How may it be said that these two cannot exist together?”

“Our attitude towards ourselves should be “to be satiable in learning” and towards others “to be tireless in teaching”.

“Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.”

“People like me sound like a lot of big cannons.”

“People who try to commit suicide — don’t attempt to save them! . . . China is such a populous nation, it is not as if we cannot do without a few people.”

“Political work is the life-blood of all economic work.”

“Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed.”

“Stalin is our greatest father and teacher. In the name of Chinese people and Chinese Communist Party, we celebrate comrade Stalin’s seventy birthday. May he be in the best health and live a
long life! Leader of both the world’s working class and Communist Internationale — Ten thousand years of life to Stalin!”

“Stalin made mistakes. He made mistakes towards us, for example, in 1927. He made mistakes towards the Yugoslavs too. One cannot advance without mistakes… It is necessary to make mistakes.
The party cannot be educated without learning from mistakes. This has great significance.”

“Swollen in head, weak in legs, sharp in tongue but empty in belly.”

“The atom bomb is a paper tiger which the United States reactionaries use to scare people. It looks terrible, but in fact it isn’t.”

“The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history.”

“To read too many books is harmful.”

“We think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well. He thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view.”

“Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? This is a question of the first importance for the revolution.”

Without an army for the people, there is nothing for the people.”

“Women hold up half the sky.”

“You say, away with you communists; we say, away with you imperialists.”