29 Incredible Ed Koch Quotes

29 Incredible Ed Koch Quotes

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Ed Koch was a politician and lawyer from New York City. Aside from these roles he was also a movie critic, political commentator and reality television arbitrator. He also served three terms as the Mayor of New York City from 1978-1989. He died at the age of 88 in 2013.

“Clinton has more important things to worry about. He not only risks being destroyed historically, like Afghanistan’s Buddha statues; he also could end up going to jail.”

“Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals. That’s how I get my kicks.”

“God gave me a very good hand to play over my 88 years. I have no regrets.”

“I don’t believe that in our society that we should have guns.”

“I never doubted that I would be a good mayor. I never did.”

“If I traveled to the end of the rainbow as Dame Fortune did intend, Murphy would be there to tell me the pot’s at the other end.”

“If I were running against Chuck Schumer. I would take every one of his Sunday press releases – and there are 52 for as many years as he’s been there – and I would ask, ‘How many of the things he said he was proposing became law?’ I doubt many.”

“If they don’t want to pay for it, they can stop drinking it.”

“I’m confident President Obama will continue his unambiguous commitment to the Jewish state in his second term.”

“I’m just a simple Jewish boy from the Bronx.”

“I’m not an author, but before I became mayor, I wasn’t a mayor.”

“In a neighborhood, as in life, a clean bandage is much, much better than a raw or festering wound.”

“In action be primitive; in foresight, a strategist.”

“Jews have always thought that having someone elevated with his head above the grass was not good for the Jews. I never felt that way. I believe that you have to stand up.”

“My brain is good, but my body is deteriorating. I probably have another two or three years. Or I can pass tomorrow, but it doesn’t make a difference to me.”

“The art of creation is older than the art of killing.”

“The best way to lose weight is to close your mouth – something very difficult for a politician. Or watch your food – just watch it, don’t eat it.”

“The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse.”

“The knife of corruption endangered the life of New York City. The scalpel of the law is making us well again.”

“The most guileful amongst the reporters are those who appear friendly and smile and seem to be supportive. They are the ones who will seek to gut you on every occasion.”

“The person who is bent on killing you will follow you wherever you are.”

“They have given me the imprimatur of a serious writer, which I knew I was but could not claim publicly until they gave it to me.”

“To learn something new every day is still exciting!”

“Tone can be as important as text.”

“Water, water, everywhere, Atlantic and Pacific. But New York City’s got them beat, Our aqua is terrific!”

“We’re in the hands of the state legislature and God, but at the moment, the state legislature has more to say than God.”

“When I was first elected I got 50% of the vote in ’77 in the general election. In ’81 I got 75%. In ’85, I got 78%. No mayor has ever gotten that high a vote. So it was not an issue. Except for people who were very hostile to me. They thought they would injure me.”

“Whenever I leave Manhattan, I get the bends!”

“You punch me, I punch back. I do not believe it’s good for one’s self-respect to be a punching bag.”