28 Incredible Grover Cleveland Quotes

28 Incredible Grover Cleveland Quotes

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Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th president of the United States of America and the only president in history to serve two nonconsecutive terms in 1885 and 1893. He is most known as being the leader of the Bourbon Democrats who opposed high taxes, inflation, and imperialism. He died in 1908.

“A government for the people must depend for its success on the intelligence, the morality, the justice, and the interest of the people themselves.”

“A man of true honor protects the unwritten word which binds his conscience more scrupulously, if possible, than he does the bond a breach of which subjects him to legal liabilities, and the
United States, in aiming to maintain itself as one of the most enlightened nations, would do its citizens gross injustice if it applied to its international relations any other than a high standard of honor and morality.”

“A truly American sentiment recognizes the dignity of labor and the fact that honor lies in honest toil.”

“After an existence of nearly 20 years of almost innocuous desuetude, these laws are brought forth.”

“And still the question, “What shall be done with our ex-Presidents?” is not laid at rest; and I sometimes think Watterson’s solution of it, “Take them out and shoot them,” is worthy of attention.”

“Communism is a hateful thing and a menace to peace and organized government.”

“He mocks the people who proposes that the Government shall protect the rich and that they in turn will care for the laboring poor.”

“Honor lies in honest toil.”

“I feel as if it were time for me to write to someone who will believe what I write.”

“I have tried so hard to do the right.”

“I know there is a Supreme Being who rules the affairs of men and whose goodness and mercy have always followed the American people, and I know He will not turn from us now if we humbly and reverently seek His powerful aid.”

“I’m only waiting for my wife to grow up.”

“In the scheme of our national government, the presidency is preeminently the people’s office.”

“It is no credit to me to do right. I am never under any temptation to do wrong!”

“No man has ever yet been hanged for breaking the spirit of a law.”

“Public officers are the servants and agents of the people, to execute the laws which the people have made.”

“Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote. The relative positions to be assumed by man and woman in the working out of our civilization were assigned long ago by a higher intelligence than ours.”

“Sometimes I wake at night in the White House and rub my eyes and wonder if it is not all a dream.”

“The laws and the entire scheme of our civil rule, from the town meeting to the State capitals and the national capital, is yours. Your every voter, as surely as your Chief Magistrate, under the same high sanction, though in a different sphere, exercises a public trust.”

“The lessons of paternalism ought to be unlearned and the better lesson taught that while the people should patriotically and cheerfully support their government, its functions do not include the support of the people.”

“The ship of democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those on board.”

“These are days of special perplexity and depression, and the path of public duty is unusually rugged.”

“Though the people support the government, the government should not support the people.”

“We are not here today to bow before the representation of a fierce warlike god, filled with wrath and vengeance, but we joyously contemplate instead our own deity keeping watch and ward before the open gates of America and greater than all that have been celebrated in ancient song.”

“We will not forget that Liberty has here made her home; nor shall her chosen altar be neglected.”

“What is the use of being elected or re-elected unless you stand for something?”


“When more of the people’s sustenance is exacted through the form of taxation than is necessary to meet the just obligations of government and expenses of its economical administration, such exaction becomes ruthless extortion and a violation of the fundamental principles of free government.”