28 Famous Joe Strummer Quotes

28 Famous Joe Strummer Quotes

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John Graham Mellor, better known as his stage name, Joe Strummer, was a British musician and songwriter in the 1970′s. In 1976 the band London SS asked Joe to come on as their lead singer. The band was named The Clash and became a smashing success. After leaving The Clash in 1985 Joe Strummer began his solo career, mostly doing soundtracks for movies. He died abruptly in 2002 from a heart defect.

“A lot of people… use a calculator!”

“All the power`s in the hands of people rich enough to buy it.”

“And the pebbles fight each other as rocks/And my father bends among them/Two hands outstretching up to me/Not that I can hear.”

“Anybody who makes speeches written by someone else is just a robot.”

“Anyway, it’s good to be sent back to the underground. There’s always a good side to bad things and the good side to this is that at least everyone has to go back down.”

“Authority is supposedly grounded in wisdom, but I could see from a very early age that authority was only a system of control and it didn’t have any inherent wisdom. I quickly realised that you either became a power or you were crushed.”

“everybody has a story to tell.”

“Feeling lucky punk? Oh, good.”

“For me the music is a vehicle for my lyrics. It’s a chance to get some really good words across.”

“I hate it when I go out and I see parents going, ‘don’t do that’, or ‘stop doing that’ when some kid’s just hanging off a staircase or something. There’s too much of this, ‘don’t do that’. The whole thing baffles me.”

“I just want to go back to rockin’, but I’m uncertain as to what to actually do … The truth is, I never stopped thinking about rock ‘n’ roll for a second that I’m on holiday.”

“I know for a fact they were offered huge amounts of money. They just said no, that isn’t really what we stood for. That’s truly admirable. They were very important musically but as a person, he was a very nice man.”

“I like to just feel how I feel and not worry about it really.”

“I think we’re going to have to forget about the radio and just go back to word of mouth.”

“I’d define it as self-awareness: an ability to trust your own judgment. An ability to see through veils of bullshit or spins on stories or propaganda. Maybe an ability to think for yourself.”

“If I had five million pounds I’d start a radio station because something needs to be done. It would be nice to turn on the radio and hear something that didn’t make you feel like smashing up the kitchen and strangling the cat.”

“If you’re allowed to make your mistakes, I think you should. But people don’t really like hearing you admit them. Although I’d never wanted to dump on the musicians that were involved in that…. Because it was not their fault.”

“It is fun to be alive. It’s a hell of a lot better than being dead.”

“Joe would go into everything at a million miles an hour and then change his mind.”

“Like thousands of teenagers growing up in the ’70s, punk and The Clash changed my life in a fundamental way. Their mixture of politics and music shaped my beliefs and tastes and made me the person I am today. Christmas is ruined.”

“My motto is, ‘What’s the hurry?’ I’m trying to get it across to the modern world that we need to sit around and think a little bit more.”

“People have told me songs I`ve written have changed their life. That`s remarkable. That keeps your faith.”

“The Future is Unwritten.”

“The hippy movement was a failure.”

“The way you get a better world is, you don’t put up with substandard anything.”

“We aren’t particularly talented. We try harder!”

“What I like about playing America is you can be pretty sure you’re not going to get hit with a full can of beer when you’re singing and I really enjoy that!”

“Yeah, all those things, responsibility, pressure. It`s a bit stressful. I try and come to terms with it by not thinking about it.”

“You’ve gotta be slightly stupid.”