27 Incredible Jenni Rivera Quotes

27 Incredible Jenni Rivera Quotes

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Jenni Rivera is a singer, entrepreneur, and producer from Long Beach, California. She is most known for her music, which focuses on social issues such as domestic violence, relationships, and infidelity. She gained her fame from her very first studio album, entitled Jenni, which hit number 1 on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart in 2008. She died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012 at the age of 43.

“Being a mother by far is my favorite and most important career.”

“Don’t you remember the day that you went away and left me I was so lonely. Prayed for you only my love.”

“I ain’t scared of you, you little bitch! I’ll fuck you up!”

“I am the same as the public as my fans.”

“I can’t get caught up in the negative because that destroys you.”

“I made a living out of singing Mexican music.”

“I realized going back and writing and explaining in details the difficulties I had lived actually became emotional again. It’s like therapy but sometimes therapy can be painful. But it’s
part of life and part of the autobiography so I’ll have to finish it sooner or later.”

“I wasn’t going out easy. I was the gangsta bitch frrom Long Beach. The Rivera Rebel who never lost a fight.”

“If I had the opportunity to speak to a young immigrant girl that just arrived to the U.S. the advice I would have for her would be: ask, speak, search; because there are opportunities out
there. And, know that you aren’t the only immigrant or the last to come to this country. Many that have come before you have succeeded. It is possible.”

“I’m just being myself. To me, that people are interested in Jenni, not necessarily the artist, but the woman… it amazes me still.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all that some people think I am too outspoken.”

“I’ve been recording since 1993. It was a hobby for six of those years. In 1999, I decided to do it full time and take it seriously.”

“Malandrinas’ means ‘bad girls,’ but not bad in a negative way. I wrote it in homage to my female fans.”

“My mother never let on that anything was wrong. She kept her chin up and acted as if everything were just fine. So we did too.”

“No one else has ever opened doors for me. I opened them myself.”

“Now that i’ve surrendered. So helplessly. You now wanna leave ooh, you wanna leave me.”

“Thank you for accepting me as I am, with my virtues and defects.”

“The key to success in life is getting up early.”

“The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up.”

“Usually, when a young girl is pregnant, she drops out of school and concentrates on being a mother. I thought that’s what I had to do, but my counselors told me there was no way they would
let me drop out. I had too much promise.”

“Wasted days and wasted nights. That i’ve left for you behind. For you don’t belong to me. Your heart belongs to someone else.”

“We never told on each other. That was an unspoken rule.”

“Whatever you do, Mija, do your best. Be different from everyone. Stand out.”

“When I started getting so many haters and closed doors, I decided to prove that it could be done. I was a divorced single mother of three at the time and a size 12 – not your typical model
artist that labels feel work for the music industry.”

“Whenever I took a step forward, it seemed as though life was pushing me five steps back.”

“Why should I keep loving you? When I know that you’re not true and why should I call your name. When you’re the blame for making me blue.”

“You can always trust me. I will never judge you.”