26 Famous Lawrence Krauss Quotes

26 Famous Lawrence Krauss Quotes

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Lawrence Krauss is a cosmologist and physicist from New York City. He is known for being an advocate of the public understanding of science and reducing religious dogma. He has written multiple books, including his best seller The Physics of Star Trek.

“Empirical explorations ultimately change our understanding of which questions are important and fruitful and which are not.”

“For, after all, in science one achieves the greatest impact (and often the greatest headlines) not by going along with the herd, but by bucking against it.”

“Forget Jesus, the stars died so you could be born.”

“I can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, but I’d much rather live in a universe without one.”

“I like to say that while antimatter may seem strange, it is strange in the sense that Belgians are strange. They are not really strange; it is just that one rarely meets them.”

“If our species is to survive, our future will probably require outposts beyond our own planet.”

“If you have nothing in quantum mechanics, you will always have something.”

“In 5 billion years, the expansion of the universe will have progressed to the point where all other galaxies will have receded beyond detection. ”

“In this sense, science, as physicist Steven Weinberg has emphasized, does not make it impossible to believe in God, but rather makes it possible to not believe in God.”

“It is a shame when nonsense can substitute for fact with impunity.”

“Lack of comfort means we are on the threshold of new insights.”

“Metaphysical speculation is independent of the physical validity of the Big Bang itself and is irrelevant to our understanding of it.”

“No matter where you go, there you are.”

“Nothing can create something all the time due to the laws of quantum mechanics, and it’s – it’s fascinatingly interesting.”

“Organized religion, wielding power over the community, is antithetical to the process of what modern democracy should define as liberty. The sooner we are without it, the better.”

“Our modern conception of the universe is so foreign to what even scientists generally believed a mere century ago that it is a tribute to the power of the scientific method and the
creativity and persistence of humans who want to understand it.”

“People are interested in science, but they don’t always know they’re interested in science, and so I try to find a way to get them interested.”

“Religious leaders need to be held accountable for their ideas.”

“So the real thing that physics tell us about the universe is that it’s big, rare event happens all the time — including life — and that doesn’t mean it’s special.”

“The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded.”

“The purpose of education is not to validate ignorance but to overcome it.”

“The real thing that physics tell us about the universe is that it’s big, rare event happens all the time — including life — and that doesn’t mean it’s special.”

“Their mutual gravitational attraction will ultimately cause them to collapse inward, in manifest disagreement with an apparently static universe.”

“There is a maxim about the universe which I always tell my students: That which is not explicitly forbidden is guaranteed to occur.”

“We should provide the meaning of the universe in the meaning of our own lives. So I think science doesn’t necessarily have to get in the way of kind of spiritual fulfillment.”

“When a person’s religious beliefs cause him to deny the evidence of science, or for whom public policy morphs into a battle with the devil, shouldn’t that be a subject for discussion and debate?”