25 Remarkable Ryan Lochte Quotes

25 Remarkable Ryan Lochte Quotes

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Ryan Lochte is a competitive swimmer and Olympic medalist from New York. He holds multiple world records for swimming and has won five gold medals, three silver, and three bronze. Through out his entire career so far he has won 77 medals. His strongest even in the short course swims.

“Alec Baldwin is so funny.”

“I don’t have a set style, but I try not to dress like everyone else.”

“I enjoy racing so much. Ever since I was 8 or 9, I trained every stroke, because it was the only way I could race a lot.”

“I honestly really don’t get aggravated at all. I just go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens.”

“I need someone who is able to hold her own – if a girl is really independent, that’s a turn-on for me.”

“I really want to get into designing my own business suit. I’ve designed a couple suits for myself that I’ve worn in the past, and I have a good idea of what I want and need to use.”

“I took my weight training to a new level.”

“I try not to read the negative comments, and when I do, I let it roll off my back. I remind myself that there will always be haters as long as you are in the public eye.”

“I was a little troublemaker. Always trying to get in trouble, always mischief, like throwing rocks at cars when I was younger, all that kind of stuff.”

“I’ve talked in front of … like… a lot of big business people about stuff I didn’t even know.”

“It’s spelled J-E-A-H. If you say it like how it’s spelled it’s ‘jee-ah.’ But, that’s boring; no one wants to hear that. So you have to really put that emphatis [sic] on that ‘J.’ And then
the ‘A-H’ kinda just flows.”

“I’ve hung out with Jay-Z a couple of times, and he was awesome.”

“Just all that hard work, all those hours in the pool, I feel like it’s about to pay off. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see this summer.”

“Of course I have bad hair days; I’m human.”

“One thing I won’t do: I won’t give up on love.”

“Something will pop up in my head. It could be like the weirdest thing. Like all’a sudden like I have like a jumping banana in my head.”

“That’s the quickest way to my heart: Laughter.”

“The big picture is the Trials and Olympics. I just have to keep focused for that, keep moving forward.”

“The fact that people actually want my autograph is crazy.”

“The key to the Lochte haircut is being fresh and looking up-to-date.”

“The whole Kardashian family, they have a bunch of energy.”

“These are my shoes that I designed from top to the very sole to the very top to the bottom. Laces.”

“Things are moving pretty quick, and of course, the whole focus is training and getting ready and being able to prepare to be on the world’s stage and hopefully do the United States proud.”

“When I was growing up, I was eating fast food every day. I’d drink soda non-stop, candy, just everything. It was horrible. My go-to was McDonald’s, for sure.”

“You know, honestly, if a girl can make me laugh, I’m pretty much sold.”