24 Famous Paul Washer Quotes

24 Famous Paul Washer Quotes

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Paul Washer is a Christian missionary who is most known for founding and directing the HeartCry Missionary Society. He currently lives in Peru speaking the gospel for nearly 10 years.

“All the decisions you make…how many of those decisions are based on you doing simply what’s right in your own eyes, and how many times specifically have you gone to Scripture looking for
the answer, with regard to anything?”

“Christ’s lordship is a blessed hope for some & a terrifying nightmare for others. Regardless of our response, it is an unalterable reality.”

“Everywhere……everyone you meet….is a potential brother or sister in CHRIST.”

“Holiness is not merely a feeling, state of mind, or good intention. It involves practical separation from sin and real separation unto God.”

“How many of you are guiding your life based on principles, commands, and laws, and statements of wisdom that Jesus has given? How many Christians do you actually know that are living that
way? ‘Depart from Me, those of you who said, ‘Lord Lord,’ and considered yourselves to be My disciples, but you lived as though I never gave you a law to obey.’”

“I believe alot of churches in America are not churches.”

“If you are going to walk with Jesus Christ, you are going to be opposed by everything in the world and by the great majority of evangelicals. You’re going to be opposed.”

“If you want to follow Jesus because He’ll fix your marriage, if you want to follow Jesus because He’ll give you a better life, that’s idolatry. Follow Christ for the sake of Christ; He is

“In modern day evangelism, this precious doctrine [of regeneration] has been reduced to nothing more than a human decision to raise one’s hand, walk an aisle, or pray a ‘sinner’s prayer.’ As
a result, the majority of Americans believe that they’ve been ‘born again’ even though their thoughts, words, and deeds are a continual contradiction to the nature and will of God.”

In the gospel of Jesus, God is love. He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and He sends rain on the righteous and unrighteous alike.3 At the fullness of time, He gave His
greatest demonstration of love by sending His beloved Son so that men might not perish but have eternal life through Him.”

“In the gospel of Jesus, sincere and costly discipleship always accompanies genuine conversion. … The gospel of Jesus teaches men that a mere profession of faith alone is no sound evidence
of salvation.”

“Maybe that is why there are not a whole lot of problems between the church and worldly culture today, because we are not confronting the culture around us.”

“People tell me judge not lest ye be judged. I always tell them, twist not scripture lest ye be like satan.”

“Prior to the reign of the godly King Josiah, the law of God had been lost in the temple for many years. Has the same thing occurred among us? Has the evangel been lost among evangelicals?”

“Repentance is simply giving up to stop fighting against God and to stop attempting to gain your own salvation through your own works; to literally give up and fall upon Christ. That is

“Sunday morning is the greatest hour of idolatry in the entire week in America, because people are not worshiping the one true God…but are worshiping a god formed out of their own heart by
their own flesh, satanic devices, and worldly intelligence. They’ve made a god just like themselves and he looks more like Santa Claus than he does Yahweh.”

“The Gospel does not call us to receive Christ as an addition to our life, but as our life.”

“There is no such thing as biblical dating. If you’re dating, I don’t care who you’re dating, you’re out of God’s will. If you’re a young man and you’re dating, you’re out of God’s will.
Period. You can come talk to me about it later, you can be mad if you want. But that’s just the truth. There’s no such thing as recreational dating. There is biblical courtship, there is no
recreational dating.”

“We cannot convince a man to believe any more than we can raise the dead. Such things are the work of God’s Spirit. Men are brought to faith only through the supernatural working of God, and
He has promised to work—not through human wisdom or intellectual expertise, but through the preaching of Christ crucified and resurrected from the dead!”

“We don’t have a lot of churches in America; we have a lot of really nice brick buildings on finely manicured lawns! Just because someone says they are of the Church or they are Christian,
doesn’t make it so.”

‎”We have taken the glorious gospel of our blessed God and reduced it down to four spiritual laws and five things God wants you to know, with a little superstitious prayer at the end; and if
someone repeats it after us with enough sincerity, we popishly declare them to be born again. We’ve traded regeneration for decisionism.”

“We rob men of a greater vision of God because we will not give them a lower vision of themselves.”

“When Jesus Christ comes back, it is not the liberal politicians who ought to be trembling, it’s the pastors…because so many men have built their ‘ministries’ on the dry dead bones of
unconverted church members.”

“You cannot learn doctrine well until you follow the doctrine you learn!”