23 Best Dahvie Vanity Quotes

23 Best Dahvie Vanity Quotes

by / Comments Off / 563 View / Nov 18, 2014

Dahvie Vanity, born David Jesus Torres, is the lead singer for the popular band Blood on The Dance Floor. His wild looks, colored hair, and full face makeup have turned him into a style icon for the Cyber/Goth community.

“After 8 hours of shooting we still lookin fierce.”

“Believe in all that you make.”

“Chaos is my friend today.”

“Embrace your dreams and never lose faith in yourself. Your dreams can come true if you work hard enough for them.”

“I came here to party!”

“I just got hijacked by a runkie haha.”

“I love you all who supports our movement and believes in us. Such a huge honor and we appreciate every single one of you. United always.”

“If everything is a dream, don’t wake me.”

“If you’re an artist and you have dreams don’t stop fighting because dreams really do come true.”

“Kindness is power.”

“Letting go sometimes is the hardest part.”

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”

“Music should be something that makes you gotta move, inside or outside.”

“Now time to fall asleep in my coffin.”

“Remember why you are here and why you are alive. Have faith in your dreams no matter how far they might seem.”

“Someone please tell me the funniest yo mama jokes right now.”

“The blood inside of me is the blood inside of you. Why must we try and hurt our brothers and sisters when we are all the same? Believe in love.”

“This weekend we reveal the revolution to ALL THE RAGE!”

“Today! Going to get pirate outfits and xxx wear in Melrose today. Than doing a shoot at angels and kings. Busy! Busy! Busy!”

“What an insane night. If people try to use you please stand up for yourself.”

“Working on some sick concepts!”

“You the fans are gods and goddess in our eyes. We serve you forever & after. Cheers to our creators.”

“Your hate will be your bitter end.”