21 Remarkable Richard Ramirez Quotes

21 Remarkable Richard Ramirez Quotes

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Richard Ramirez was a rapist and serial killer from El Paso, Texas. He gained the name the “Night Stalker” due to his middle of the night home invasions and killed entire families in the greater Los Angeles Area. He was sentenced the thirteen death sentences but died of Cancer while waiting for execution. He died on June 7, 2013 at the age of 53.

“All the killings are going to be blamed on me.”

“Big deal, death comes with the territory……see you in Disneyland.”

“Even psychopaths have emotions. Then again, maybe not.”

“Give me your gun, I’ll take care of myself. You know I’m a killer, so shoot me, I deserve to die. You can see Satan on my arm.”

“I believe that most humans have within them the capacity to commit murder. ”

“I gave up love and happiness a long time ago.”

“I love to kill people. I love watching them die. I would shoot them in the head and they would wiggle and squirm all over the place, and then just stop. Or I would cut them with a knife and
watch their faces turn real white. I love all that blood. I told one lady to give me all her money. She said no. So I cut her and pulled her eyes out.”

“It’s nothing you’d understand, but I do have something to say. In fact, I have a lot to say, but now is not the time or place. I don’t know why I’m wasting my time or breath. But what the
hell? As for what is said of my life, there have been lies in the past and there will be lies in the future. I don’t believe in the hypocritical, moralistic dogma of this so-called civilized
society. I need not look beyond this room to see all the liars, hater, the killers, the crooks, the paranoid cowards–truly trematodes of the Earth, each one in his own legal profession. You
maggots make me sick– hypocrites one and all. And no one knows that better than those who kill for policy, clandestinely or openly, as do the governments of the world, which kill in the
name of God and country or for whatever reason they deem appropriate. I don’t need to hear all of society’s rationalizations, I’ve heard them all before and the fact remains that what is,

“I’ve killed 20 people, man. I love all that blood.”

“Keep the evil thought.”

“Killing is killing whether done for duty, profit,or fun.”

“Normal, ordinary people do not think like a Serial Killer. They have no conception of what is going on in a killer’s mind, how he operates.”

“Satanists need to have more faith than Christians, because Christ was seen and felt. Lucifer has never felt the need to be seen, but in everyone’s soul he can be felt.”

“Serial killers do, on a small scale, what governments do on a large one. They are products of our times and these are bloodthirsty times.”

“Tell Satan you love him.”

“There’s blood behind the Night Stalker”

“Violent delights tend to have violent ends. ”

“We’ve all got the power to kill in our hands, most of us are afraid to use it. Those who aren’t control life itself.”

“You don’t understand me. You are not expected to. You are not capable. I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells in all of us…I don’t
believe in the hypocritical, moralistic dogma of this so-called civilized society….You maggots make me sick! Hypocrites one and all…I don’t need to hear all of society’s
rationalizations. I’ve heard them all before…legions of the night, night breed, repeat not the errors of the night prowler and show no mercy.”

“You know who I am, don’t you? I’m the one they’re writing about in the newspapers and on TV.”