21 Most Famous Scott Disick Quotes

21 Most Famous Scott Disick Quotes

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Scott Disick is a reality star turned socialite because of his wife, Kourtney Kardashian. He appears regularly on the Kardashian’s reality television. His outlandish behavior and and rude comments have also gained him a strong online following.

“Are we going buck-naked, or are we wearing like a bathing suit?”

“I didn’t buy the piano to play it, I bought it because it looks nice.”

“I gotta learn to rap.”

“I handled her well enough to get her pregnant.”

“I kinda feel like Lil Wayne would wear this.”

“I never realized you were so fun, Jenner: You get drunk during the day, you like to go shopping. I mean, you’re right up my alley.”

“I never thought I’d be in a family that has more people than a small country.”

“I realized the main character in the notebook is not only good looking and in shape, He is also a professional handyman”

“I thought I was the only white boyfriend allowed in this family. ”

“I’m about to spend 1,500 on a crib, I wanna make sure Rob can sleep in it too!”

“Isn’t it funny to think that, like, little old grandas that can barely walk could have been, like,, real big whores at one time?”

“It’s a very cute idea — this love bracelet. It obviously doesn’t go with my gold accessories, but if it did, I would always wear it.”

“Kim is running all over my house in this little red wig and honestly she looks like chucky.”

“Let me just stop you there and say for a motivational speaker, you make life sound like sh*t … You really make me want to go to Kmart and get a gun”

“No matter what, theres always something somebody can find wrong with me. ”

“Now when your sock comes, not only I’m gonna put them on my feet, I’m gonna wrap them around my dick and walk down 5th avenue.”

“Oh! Look at the witches.”

“We have a big day ahead of us, Mase! You know what we’re going to do? Straight chill!”

“Why don’t we have the chemistry that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet had in Titanic? I’ll tell you one reason: Because we’re not in a movie!”

“Yeah, but the hood loves me. ”

“You want to, like, cuddle a little? I know you do stuff like this with Lamar all the time. You’re faking it with me.”