20 Incredible Sid Vicious Quotes

20 Incredible Sid Vicious Quotes

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Sid Vicious, born John Simon Ritchie, is a musician and vocalist from Lewisham, London. He spent the majority his youth squatting around London with his friends. In 1977 Sid was asked to join the Sex Pistols. The group went on to become the most iconic punk rock band in the world. Sid Vicious died at the age of 21 from a possible suicide.

“All I did was cash in on the fact that I’m good-looking and I have a good figure and girls like me.”

“American audiences are just the same as any other audiences. Except a bit more boring.”

“I still think I’m pretty good. I think I was better than any of the others.”

“I was the only guy with any bit of anarchy left.”

“I’ll die before I’m 25, and when I do I’ll have lived the way I wanted to.”

“I’m not chic, I could never be chic. I was in it from its inception.”

“I’m not vicious really. I consider myself kind-hearted. I love my mum.”

“It’s not really my problem if they think I’m weird.”

“I’ve only been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror.”

“Jim, I hope someday you get a job on which you don’t have to look at your watch all day.”

“The band broke up because I couldn’t bear Rotten anymore because he was an embarrassment with his silly hats and his, like, shabby, dirty, nasty looking appearance.”

“They’re building stadiums everywhere in this country, … except here and Montreal.”

“Today everything’s a conflict of interest.”

“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you ALIVE.”

“We are better than anyone, ain’t we? Except for the Eagles, the Eagles are better than us.”

“We had a death pact. I have to keep my half of the bargain. Please bury me next to my baby in my leather jacket, jeans and motor cycle boots. Goodbye.”

“Well, you know, like, I don’t really give a fuck what the general public think.”

“We’re really quite nice and friendly, but everyone has a beastly side to them, don’t they?”

“You can’t arrest me, I’m a rockstar.”

“You just pick up a chord, go twang, and you’re got music.”