19 Famous Tech N9ne Quotes

19 Famous Tech N9ne Quotes

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Aaron Dontez Yates, better known as his stage name Tech N9ne, is a rapper from Kansas City, Missouri. Along with a booming rap career, in 1999 he established his own record label, Strange Music. Since the beginning of his career he has sold over two million albums. He has also won awards such as the Left Field Woodie Award.

“Cause I bring the heater. Love me cause I’m your leader.”

“Constantly Dirty.”

“Critics are really the enemy and I/Can’t stand the way they slam today’s gifted.”

“Cry for me? Never, just have a ball with each other, Cause thats what I had, thanks goes out to my father and mother.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt a soul here/But my inner demon has no fear/Of making choices that’ll make you po’ tears/Black transparent flies show me that the soul near.”

“I want to put on my Reeboks and get on top of his esophagus.”

“I will never slide, never fall, never fail.”

“I’m the ruler in my kingdom and my dark seat is hot. Step into my world and your heartbeat stop!”

“It’s not that I’m afraid of death, but afraid of the thought of my people laid to rest; They saying there is 6 million ways of death but not even one way to fade the stress.”

“Okay I get it I’m an nympho and freak of nature/But the pen is gonna heat the paper.”

“On top of the world It’s mine! Look ma I made it! Satan delayed it, But a higher power okayed it! So I sprayed it!”

“Puttin’ all the face paint I can put on/Put my black jeans and black hood on/That’s your TV I just stood on/With a faded habit this brother swerves when I sip vodka/I’m the latest rabbit,
in other words; I’m a hip-hopper.”

“The champ is here/The vamp is near/Huntin’ you heathens, hella hungry and I’m amped this year.”

“The pussy like to be banged like its in a fight.”

“V told the people I got Satan to save me/That’s why radio be hating to play me/Everything you gain, only brings you pain/But the fame it fools the brain/But you regain it through Strange.”

“You don’t really get why I’m so pissed?/ Understand this:I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit, yes I’m.”

“You elementary rappers are straight remedial, A.D.D. ‘m in my own world partna, and you don’t fit there. All your tech hatred has got you soundin like a bitch player. And this is to
multiple haters and I swear it, ain’t about a pass but if the shoe fit wear it nigga.”

“You know I’m the hardest. You know that my art is applauded” or “This is my f–ked up life, don’t try this at home.”

“You must really like my imperfections/Cause you stay on dismay, temper detections/And thats nightly, too much messing with my psyche/That enough hurts, but you fight me/So you must love to
dislike me.”