14 Famous Elizabeth Blackwell Quotes

14 Famous Elizabeth Blackwell Quotes

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Elizabeth Blackwell was born on February 3, 1821 in Bristol, England. She was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States of America. Blackwell had a very happy childhood and particularly had fond memories of the lovingness of her father. She made the decision to enter the medical field after her mother was dying of uterine cancer. She opened her own practice, however she had very few patients due to the stigma of a female doctor. She died from a stroke on May 31, 1910.

“A blank wall of social and professional antagonism faces the woman.”

“For what is done or learned by one class of women becomes, by virtue of their common womanhood, the property of all women.”

“I must have something to engross my thoughts, some object in life which will fill this vacuum, and prevent this sad wearing away of the heart.”

“If society will not admit of woman’s free development, then society must be remodeled.”

“It is not easy to be a pioneer — but oh, it is fascinating! I would not.”

“It is well worth the efforts of a life-time to have attained knowledge which justifies an attack on the root of all evil . . . which asserts that because forms of evil have always existed in society, therefore they must always exist.”

“Medicine is so broad a field, so closely interwoven with general interests, dealing as it does with all ages, sexes and classes, and yet of so personal a character in its individual appreciations, that it must be regarded as one of those great departments of work in which the cooperation of men and women is needed to fulfill all its requirements.”

“Methods and conclusions formed by half the race only, must necessarily.”

“Our school education ignores, in a thousand ways, the rules of healthy development.”

“She played fast-pitch in the spring, and she wasn’t going to play slow-pitch.”

“The idea of winning a doctor’s degree gradually assumed the aspect of a great moral struggle, and the moral fight possessed immense attraction for me.”

“To her [Florence Nightingale] chiefly I owed the awakening to the fact that sanitation is the supreme goal of medicine its foundation and its crown.”

“We got off to a slow start, … It took us three innings to get us going. This is a better Natchez than we expected.”

“We’ve got four seniors this year who are giving us some good leadership. We lost three, but we gained four. And we’ve got some younger players who are hitting the ball just as well as anybody.”